Gender And Race Relations

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Gender and Race Relations in Higher Education

Gender and Race Relations in Higher Education


Discrimination can be defined as treating people/groups of people less favorably than others due to factors relating to race, color, gender, disability, ethnic origin, nationality, age, and religion. Unfortunately, there are many groups in our society that face discrimination every day, this discrimination can take a variety of forms including direct and indirect discrimination.

Discrimination is a form of passive violence. Designate who discriminate differential treatment or less in terms of rights and social considerations of individuals, organizations and states.  They make the difference either by skin color, ethnicity, sex, age, culture, religion or ideology.(Freire, 1970).

Regarding the race relations, the affective aspect of interpersonal relationships in the daily life of schools is an important element. Familiarity with the dynamics of the schools to understand the existence of a more effective treatment as 8donación of affection, likes, incentives, incentives, care, among others, led to white children. This is quite noticeable when analyzing non-verbal behavior that occurs in the teacher-student interactions white. These interactions are characterized by physical contact, accompanied by hugs, kisses and touches. On the other hand, about relationships with black children, they keep a distance that becomes unviable physical contact and all the affection that this could pass.

 Bias to certain types of communities make individuals belonging to these are prejudged before being known.  Are widespread and rejected.  Intolerance, rejection and ignorance in most cases are decisive for the birth of discriminatory conduct.

Types of Discrimination

There are the following types of discrimination:

Social Discrimination

Disabled people are among the most affected in our country.  For them it difficult: finding a job, obtain optimum medical care for your problem, make achieve educational institutions according to their needs and resources (the state does not provide the appropriate support.)  For those who have physically disabled and used to move wheelchairs or canes it is impossible travel on public roads without juggling (Freire, 2005).

Sexual Discrimination

          From the beginning of history, men and women have been involved in a senseless struggle. The belief in the superiority of males over females is rooted in the    subconscious of million since the dawn of civilizations. In the beginning, the woman must be complied with the orders of their husbands was socially excluded. The management of the community was allowed only for men. Therefore, the years passed, fallen empires, emerging countries, monarchs wobbly.  Democracy came and states but even in that instance, women had to fight them for inclusion in this new system.

Gender discrimination, or sex discrimination, may be characterized as the unequal treatment of a person based solely on that person's sex. While females have historically laid claim to the cry of unequal treatment, modern civil rights laws banning sex discrimination have been construed to protect males as well, especially in the area of employment.

Gender, race and sexuality are widespread construction - the three are the discursive and material forces, world-renowned public markers of social differences - but they are also difficult ...
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