General Order 1b

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General Order 1B

General Order 1B


The general order 1B is a publication of the United States Central Command. The general Order 1B also referred to as GO-1B is a list of activities that have been prohibited for the people in the United States Department of Defense. This is covered within the AOR or Area of responsibilities. The underlying objective behind the issuance of this list is to regulate and discipline the behavior of people in the armed forces (Stripes, 2008). The training of the armed forces is very rigorous and this is true for all the armed forces across the globe. This is so because people in the armed forces are not ordinary people, they have a greater responsibility on their shoulders than any of their counterparts. They are the representatives of their country and they have the responsibility of protecting the national borders.

The orders given in the General Order 1B are applicable to both the military personnel and also the civilians. Even people who are in the military on a contractual basis are regulated under this order. Any people who are served by the armed forces or who themselves serve the forces are also included.

Order on Pornographic

The pornographic content is totally banned. This includes any content in any form which is sexually explicit. This could be a book, a CD, video tape, cassette, journal, magazine, newspaper or any other content which qualifies under the definition of porn. This can be something which is distributed commercially and it can also be something which can be something which is produces personally. This is applicable not only in the United States jurisdiction but also in the aircrafts of the US even if they are at a destination across the globe and the vessels maintained by the US military. Any regulations that ...