Geriatric Population

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Geriatric population

Geriatric population


In this study we will be looking towards the geriatric population that is 65 years and older, does exercise with diet compare with medications only, promotes and provides the patients with healthier lifestyles and longer living and focusing on different articles that are related with the topic.

Article 1: “Promoting Successful Aging”

In this article successful and healthy aging have been focused that is the main attention recently and it has been observed that even the people are willing to adopt healthier lifestyles involving exercises and improving their diets that could result in decreasing the level of stress. People are also seen to live healthier and longer due to the changes they bought in their lives.

Article 2: “Quality of Life, Physical Activity and Nutrition in Older Adults”

The major challenge that our society is facing to provide the population of the aged group with good health because they have been observed in facing multiple chronic problems that can result in functional disabilities which can decrease the quality of life and these can be influence by many of the factors that are around them.

Article 3: “Motivating Elders to Initiate and Maintain Exercise”

This article is addressing towards motivating the elders to begin exercising, because it is the part of study guide towards geriatric rehabilitation especially for training the trainees and practitioner to make it a part of the geriatric medicine, rehabilitation and physical medicine, and the challenges and the obstacle they will have to face while motivating them.

Article 4: “Leading the Way in Exercise and Diet (Project LEAD): intervening to improve function among older breast and prostate cancer survivors”

As the population of the United States have been getting effected with more and more chronic diseases and association that has been related with lesser physical functioning, that shows that they are capable of developing cancer with the increase in age. But this article will increase the considerations and the programs that work in helping them.

Article 5: “Occupational Therapy for Independent-Living Older Adults”

This is the study in which it shows the issues related with the older people and according to the study it is expected that by the year 2020 they will be about 17 percent of elderly people in the United States and will keep doubling, but it has also been observed that with longer life spans there will be more health related issues that will be capable of effecting the quality of life of these individuals.

Article 6: “The Association of Changes in Physical-Activity Level and Other Lifestyle Characteristics with Mortality among Men”

A lot of change has been observed recently in the life style of individuals where quitting cigarette smoking, increasing physical exercise and avoiding obesity resulting in increasing the longevity of life and according to the study men between the ages of 45-84 were observed to have no life-threatening diseases and so on studies were performed in different years to identify the association of physical activities.

Article 7: “Forging Ahead: Linking Health and Behavior to Improve Quality Of Life in ...
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