Gun Control Saves Lives

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Gun Control Saves Lives

Gun Control Saves Lives

Introduction / Thesis

I. The impact of the implementation of gun control on the rate of violent crime is an issue that has to be evaluated. The terms gun control and violent crime will not refer to the individual handgun or semi-automatic weapons. (Ludwig, 2007) The proposition states there are issues in gun control, some of which are capable and some are incapable of controlling the related aspects of crime and violence and whether the impact of incapable issues can be reduced? The aim is not to explain the relationships and statistics linking gun control and crimes but to elaborate the effective and ineffective aspects of gun control. (Barclay, 2008) Then this paper also aims to discover if the ineffective aspects of gun control can be reduced somehow. The references to gun control and crimes will not mention private ownership of handguns, rifles or semi-automatic weapons. (Tidswell, 2007) We are to find out what aspects of gun control worked or did not work, and for those that did not work if there was any way to minimize their impact.


II. The debate over gun control was not a major issue at any level before the late 1960's. A series of incidents, starting with the killing of President Kennedy and an increase in urban crimes, resulted in distress regarding guns in the United States. (Skousen 2008) The spotlight has moved from political assassination to organized crime with an obvious split between the ones who consider that gun control saves lives and ones who do not. Gun control is an effective policy and is regarded to have extensive consequences, which saves lives. The objections many have pertain to the role of ownership of guns and the responsible gun use. (Institute for Health and Aging, 2007)  While there is an intense discussion about the question, that gun control saves life or not, there is not significant disagreement upon the statistics by large. In 1994, guns were involved in approximately over thirty nine thousand killings and in 1995; a gun was used to be the weapon involved in seven out of ten killings in America. (Kizer, 2008) Furthermore, more American adolescences between the ages of fifteen to nineteen expire due to shooting injuries compared to all the causes altogether. Moreover, guns are implicated in sixty five percent of suicides below the age of twenty-five. (Ludwig, 2007)

III. Gun control has had a striking influence on the offense pace within Australia. (Tidswell, 2007) Legislators responsible for imposing the restriction have assured a securer state. (Skousen, 2008) The arguments about “gun control” have an emotional dimension as well. Consequently, the question whether gun control saves lives or not, is very important. (Barclay, 2008) In an analysis by the British Home Office known as “ International contrast of Criminal Justice Statistics 1999”, written by Cynthia Tavaras, Arsalaan Siddique, and Gordon Barclay, (Kizer, 2008) 24 nations were considered and the statistics for brutal offenses, murder, household robbery and automobile stealing ...
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