Health Care Swot Analysis

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Health care SWOT analysis

Health care SWOT analysis


SWOT analysis is tool, which helps organizations in scanning internal and external complexities. Strength and weakness are associated with internal factors, whereas threats and opportunities are integrated with external factors. The analysis is strategic planning of an organization to get a competitive advantage over rivalry, by eliminating weakness (Albert, 2005, pp 3-17). Competitive advantage can only be achieved if company exploits opportunity at its optimal level (maximum profit, minimum cost).This tool has been coined by Albert Humphrey, in the years 1960to 1970 by using data of 500 companies. In this assignment, I will analyze SWOT analysis of hospital corporations of America, which is a health care. This health care hospitals deal in general and cute care.

SWOT Analysis of HCA


Leading position

As discussed above, strengths are the internal factors of an organization which are favorable. The biggest strength of HCA is its leading position in inpatient market. Here, by inpatient it means a patient who occupies hospital bed for at least one night for rehabilitation. The credibility and worth of the hospital is immense, that helps in escalating the market position of inpatient market. The hospital care practices are the chief source of high market inpatient ( The main objective of hospital care is to provide best service to its clients, HCA is doing his level best to overcome hospital's objective.

Extensive service offering

The services which are offered HCA are very extensive. The services are provided in acute, general, psychiatrist and by hospitals rehabilitation. HCA almost covers all the treatment and therapies in the hospital. Patient who is brought to the hospital in emergency case is paid extra attention. Specific policies are designed for emergency patients, in order to provide instant treatments. The patients who are facing chronic disease are treated with special attention. The hospital management has allocated specialized doctors for the treatment of emergency and chronic patients. For general care, HCA has allocated a special team of doctors. Each and every patient of HCA is treated with special care. The services which are offered by the hospitals are very extensive, and on the same time these services are provided for the best interest of patients. The major focus of HCA is to provide phenomenal services to its customers/clients.


Low utilization

The weakness of an organization is regarded as internal factor, which is unfavorable for the organization. The biggest weakness which HCA is facing is the low utilization of inpatient rooms. The company is not utilization its resources at its optimal level. When the company is not using its resources at its optimal level, it means organization productivity is lower than the market benchmark. The rooms for inpatients are less when associated with market demand. The hospital is unable to manage the high demand effectively. The service of HCA is of top quality, but due to management issues hospital is unable to allocate inpatients.

High debt level

The biggest weakness of HCA is their high level of debt. Any organization that is under high debt is limited ...
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