How To Get Rid Of Negative Energy

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How to get rid of Negative Energy

How to get rid of Negative Energy


The concept of Spiritual Energy signifies that there are two kinds of energies prevalent in the atmosphere. These 'energies' are the emissions or auras of all living things. People specifically, emit strong auras that are affected by their personalities, or thinking. These auras or energies effect the environment, things, people and even animals around them reinforcing the thoughts. For instance, a person with a happy and pleasing aura is much more liable to lift the moods and auras of the people around them, their aura in turn boosts his again, creating a kind of cycle dependent upon itself. However, just like the positive aura, there is also a 'negative aura or energy'.


Negative aura or energies occur from all sorts of negative emotions like anger, hatred, jealousy, depression or even stress. Negative auras from people just like the positive ones affect their surroundings and reinforce themselves. When one is going out in the street, one sometimes comes across certain people who stand off from the general populace. Without any proper or formal indication, one unconsciously minds his distance from that person. It's because of the negative aura or energy surrounding them.

Aside from a general 'danger zone' proclamation to other individuals, it starts influencing other negative things towards him. A very simple example of the fact can be seen in old people. When there is a particularly old and very surly person living in a neighbourhood, usually alone, he at his age becomes cranky and is most seen shouting at the young kids for 'making too much noise' or some other trivial incident. What happens is the children affected by his aura avoid them at first, and then start playing pranks on him. Ringing his doorbell, breaking his windows, etc are just some of the things they do to make life troublesome for him. His negative attitude in the first place tortured him because of the children playing outside, in order to alleviate the issue he scolds them or drives them away, the children come back and torture him more, thus increasing his overall negativity.

This is just a trivial example that is very commonly observed in everyday life. Of course there are many more to be seen if one would care to notice. In this modern world if however, if something is not 'verified' and proven by physics, chemistry or some other 'science' people tend to disbelieve it. But the presence of these two auras and their effects have been documented and observed over centuries in different cultures albeit under different names nonetheless. Karma, Feng shui, Qi, and Chakra are just some of the concepts which adhere to this story; these are Modern English, Ancient Chinese, Japanese and Indian cultures respectively. The dating reaches back to 4,000 BC in the Chinese culture about the concept of Feng Shui. The time span and age along with the presence in the huge variety ...
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