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Human Resource Management

Human Resource Management

The chosen organization for this research is EasyJet. EasyJet is a “spot-to- spot” airliner, without alliances and without network of routes. It just presents small-distance flights between exclusive European places. Bookings of EasyJet may simply be made via telephone or Internet. The airline has outsourced its tasks for example baggage handling and check-in so people can say that it is mainly a virtual venture. In Luton, EasyJet has a paperless office that functions as a call center, booking phone orders, while Internet bookings are proposed with  reduced prices. Their group of planes contains just Boeing 737s, reducing repair crews and maintenance requirements. EasyJet flies over 05 million passengers yearly, is high in a very competitive industry, has an 80% operation feature, and makes approximately $2 earnings on every customer. 

Task 1

1.1 - Differences Between Personnel Management And Human Resource Management

Personnel Management and Human Resource Management are different in any ways at EasyJet. HRM is slightly further than personnel management (PM) with a smart latest name. In any company, the role of HRM is important to increaes performance of employees and tie knowledge with objectives and goals of the organization. The people management is also used in businesses. This word is gradually more favored to PM. Functionally, HRM has a comparable spotlight to PM: payments systems, recruitment & selection, training and development etc. Although, Human Resource Management is frequently observed to be dissimilar to PM qualitatively. (DeCenzo 2012, 98)

Conversely, PM has changed its way from restricted causes at its originating to a firmer effort at guaranteeing a better way of mediation and equality. (Nickson 2007, 76-75)

1.2 - HRM Contributes To The Purpose Of Your Chosen Organisation

The HRM function play a significant part in EasyJet. To be strategic denotes coordinating duties and human resource plans with organisational strategy and objectives. The crucial job of HR is to mainly play a part in the matters of EasyJet and EasyJet's objectives by rising productivity of employees. The function allocated to the conventional department of EasyJet's Human Resource comprises the following of operational issues and organisational objectives. The tactical function necessitates that human resource of EasyJet is contributing to the formation of business strategy of the organisation and the creation of plans and programs for workforce development in line with this strategy, alert on the prospects and it is practical. (Salas 2001, 145)

Meanings support the idea that practices of Human resource management make important sources inside EasyJet which are able to make competitive benefit by groups. Certainly, more than 20 years of study has built up a huge stuff of information that proposes that practices of human resource management which affect the knowledge, motivation, behaviours, and skills of workers produce better worker, financial, and organisational results. (Harvey 2008, 36)

1.3 - The Roles And Responsibilities Of Line Managers

Line managers at EasyJet take care of the running of procedures that help the productivity of EasyJet products or services directly. In a corporate hierarchy, a "line manager" holds authority in a vertical command chain, above ...
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