Impact Of Iom Report On The Future Of Nursing

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Impact of IOM Report on the Future of Nursing

Impact of IOM Report on the Nursing Future

Institute of Medicine together with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in October of 2010, after outlaying two years digging into and exploring that many barriers in our existing healthcare system limit nurses from acting in response to the quickly senescing and varying health care circumstance, brought out an exclusive report “The Future of Nursing: Leading Change, Advancing Health.” As the new legislative reforms are introduced for the next decade, the report looks thoroughly at the role of nurses, requisite in a varying healthcare system. The report found out that our current health care system is inadequate on providing patients accessible, reasonably priced, secure and quality health care. The IOM turned nurses particularly, in response to their findings, to make over their practices and turn out to be leaders in the arena of health care. This can be consummate via uninterrupted education and leadership skills that would entail into a more patient oriented healthcare system. (American Nurses Association, 2011) (Institute of Medicine, 2010)

Impact of IOM Report on Nursing Education

The IOM report emphasizes nurses on the achievement of advanced educational and learning levels by means of an enhanced educational system that perfectly consistent and coherent academic advancement. For several decades, the minimum education required by nurses has been vehemently argued by scholars and professionals. The nursing profession has got such distinguishing characteristic that it has numerous diverse educational trails; hospital-based diploma program, baccalaureate degree and associate's degree that can direct to an entry- level authorization to practice as a RN.

It is believed by IOM that higher levels of education must be achieved by nurses with the aim of meeting the requirements of a varying healthcare system. The IOM report necessitates the higher level of education ...
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