Individual And Family Therapy Modalities

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Individual and Family Therapy Modalities

Individual and Family Therapy Modalities


Modalities are the factors or agents that affect the patient, these modalities are use by various therapists to direct the perspectives of the patient's or the client's thought. These therapy modalities are used to provide counseling and solutions to the client's problem. The efficiency of counseling depends on the councilors and the methods and therapy modalities they use (Seligman, 1995). Individual and family therapy modalities are different from each other, there are different methods to deal with different clients and it is essential to understand their problems accordingly. At the same time, it is also noticed that these modalities are also interdependent, because individuals and families cannot be separated. Families are formed by various individuals and each individual possess unique psychological and philosophical identity which separates him from others. This is very important in during the therapy. There is an important point to focus that the behavior of these families and individuals are affected from each other and most often is the result of these interaction between them. According to Josephson & Serrano (2001) these emphasized the need to consider both individual and family before implying the treatment and the combination of these therapeutic modalities will ensure the better “flexibility, specificity, and precision for the treatment process.” (

Thesis Statement

The comparison and contrast between the therapy modalities of individual and families helps to understand the client type and integration for their treatment.


Individual Therapy

Individual therapy is concerned with resolving issue of various psychological factors like; self actualization, feelings, history, experiences, behavior and self growth of an individual. It also helps to analyze and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of one's personality and assist them to bring improvement in their strengths and to overcome their weaknesses.

Family Therapy

The main concern of family therapy is to focus the relationship ship between the family members and their interaction with each other (Liddle,, 1988 p.229-234). Therapists use various family therapy modalities to bring improvement in the family relationship. Family therapy is much complex and involve the counseling of various family members.

Comparision and Contrast of Individual and Family Therapy Modalities

To compare and contrast the individual and family therapies, it is essential to understand the relation between the family and individual modalities. The therapy modality of the family is much more complex as compare to the individual, the main reason behind this, is that, the family ...
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