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Michel Foucault

Michel Foucault


Health and medicine is a problem of major public policy. He is always in the news related to a system failure: hospital off the waiting lists, lack of public funding, rising costs, emergency surgery. The focus is generally on public hospitals and overlap of responsibilities between states and the Commonwealth. Behind this question is a bit of many doctors about the disease and medicine that is rarely discussed or mentioned. This speech includes medical governance, medicine, diseases and conditions, technological interventions, medical and political knowledge, research methods, biological reductionism, etc.


Michel Foucault sees much to say about this in relation to the concept of discourse, the critique of the medical statement, analysis of the same body and power, bio-analysis and a mentality of public health policy, health promotion, and consumer health. Much of this debate in the academic world is taking place in medical sociology.

The first call for the study of diseases healing or the sickness discourse is the way to win or skeptical critique of modernist meta-narratives in modern medicine, doctors and scientific experts in the war on disease. Physicians act as carriers of scientific illustration that modern liberal society has raised, and the yoke of medical superstition that is dark to maintain in a state of ignorance.

Foucault called this, the medical perspective, moreover, this concept could penetrate the views of doctors and the physicians in the illusions of modern disease and other symptoms to look through the underlying reality of the disease. The doctor has seen the power of science to the hidden truth.

Postmodern cinema often shows how the medical gaze operates. A middle aged woman is humiliated, and ultimately ignored, by her general practitioner as she slowly succumbs to amphetamine addiction. In Fight Club, the anti-hero character, suffering insomnia, begs a ...
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