Is Child Behavior Better Or Worse Than It Was Years Ago?

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Is Child Behavior Better or Worse than it was Years Ago?


Children's behavior in today's life has become very complex. The way they behave and react has changed significantly with the passage of time. In today's era the child behavioral problems are increasing day by day. Yes, children's behaviors are getting worse than before. Many aspects are contributing to this change in children behaviors. This paper aims at discussing the major issues that are contributing to worse behavior, also, the investigated studies in related field are discussed that highlighted considerable issues.

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Children's behavior in United States5

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Is Child Behavior Better or Worse than it was Years Ago?


With the passage of time and changing social activities, the behavior of children towards adults is also changing. If we compare children behavior with what it was before, we may see that children behavior has become worse over the years. There are many factors that are contributing to change in children behavior. Some major factors include changing trends shown at TV, changing status of people, attention not giving by parents and poverty. Now a day, the children are deeply involved with latest technologies. Technology has become much advanced as compared to the years ago. Children spent most of the time playing games, watching movies, TV shows and cartoons. They are less indulging in physical activities. Also the games and TV shows they see involve good behavior violations. All they include is fighting, planning bad for someone etc. Though the video games, TV shows and movies are fictitious but they all are having bad impact on children behavior. Children are becoming carefree, thankfulness and they do not appreciate and learn the good things done by others around them.

The family life and family gathering is also going to decline as compared to years ago. Today there is lack of communication between children and parents. In fast moving world, today's parents are not getting enough time for children. Surely, the fault lies with the parents. In early years, in schools, student were also taught about their behavior and attitudes but now today's schooling is more focused on getting just education not behavioral education. Though the education has become far better than before but there is lack of adequate behaviors and respect for authorities, rules and elders.

Children's Behavior in United States

US researchers claim that emotional and behavioral problems have provoked violent behavior in children more than three times as it was before. There are a number of causes related to bad behavior in children. These include domestic violence, angry surrounding, bad company of friends, and violence in TV etc.

A study was conducted in United States. In this study, certain proportion of children in 1979, who had behavioral problems were compared with that of children of the same age group in the year 1996. The study found that there was a very high increase in behavioral problems and the two major problems were inattention and hyperactivity.

Problems of bad behavior are common to children of all age ...
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