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Kanye West

Kanye West


The definition of race is often based on physical characteristics like skin color, hair texture and eye shape. The race is both a set of genetically defined biological characteristics and culturally defined characteristics. An influence on culture is the media and the media have an enormous influence on how different races are viewed by society. The media is in communication devices and some media are forms of television, newspapers, magazines, film and radio. Misrepresentation can be defined as to give a false or misleading representation with the intent to deceive or be unfair.


The United States is one of, if not the most diverse nations in the world. It is often described as a melting pot, because the country is made up of many ethnicities and races. Despite this diversity, the media distorts races still different in many respects. A common way is through the use of racial stereotypes. The rapper and producer Kanye West described his new video installation for power, the first single from his new album, as "a visual ballet" and a "living portrait." Hailed by the director Marco Brambilla (Demolition Man), 90 seconds of video combines Roman and Renaissance iconography on canvas visual neoclassical nymphs floating guards ram's horns, knife in hand, attackers, pillars, halos, burning stars, saints, sinners, many women and the figures upside down, mixed with classical Greek and Egyptian motifs cultural images. Using digital still images, mixed with sexual and religious references in the sounds of singing gospel song, video narrative painting a portrait in motion of the transition and the sense of foreboding danger of collapse of U.S. Empire in the opening of the lighting and street lighting new realm of Flaming Star, the Masonic Sun God, Lucifer.

In the construction and development of analytical psychology, that explored the concept of symbolism through the exploration of the human psyche, and analyzed the role play by religion, mythology, alchemy, astrology, sociology, literature, art and dreams in this psyche. These universal concepts and symbols are often referred to as archetypes - the recognizable prototype or original model in which all other concepts are modeled. The interpretation of these symbols and patterns can often be mysterious, and that meanings cannot be simple or singular. Most of our knowledge is usually derived from the exploration and close observation of recurring patterns, and related subsequent events associated consequences.

The central motif of ...
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