Left Brain Vs Right Brain Impact Learning

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Left Brain VS Right Brain Impact Learning

Left Brain VS Right Brain Impact Learning


A general over-fitting but particularly in teach advisers much discussed topic is the different functions of the two hemispheres of the cerebrum and the consequences that will result from this supposedly learning opportunities. The Cerebrum is the evolutionary newest part of the human brain. Studies have shown that there is a division of labor between the two halves: The left hemisphere is attributed to features such as logical thinking, language and analytical thinking, the right music, creativity and spatial awareness (Lyon 2000). Moreover, both halves of each were controlling the movements of the other side of the body.


Our cerebral cortex is physiologically from two so-called hemispheres, which are clearly separated, we consider it more closely, we see that the left consists mostly of a lot of short neuronal connections, while in the right long connections predominate, the further away from each other brain areas associate with each other (Lyon 2000). Moreover, in most cases the left hemisphere slightly larger than the right.

Initially it was assumed that both hemispheres meet the same functions, but with the difference that the left brain controls the right side of the main body and the right, the left side of the body. At the end of the 19th century discovered but physiologists for accident victims, that certain parts of the left hemisphere for basic language functions are important, while a failure of the respective parts is on the right side no influence on the language: left and right brain seems to partly fulfill different functions (Jenson 2000).

When a speaker speaks words, it produces sound pressure waves to the inner ear into nerve impulses transmitted and transformed in the brain of the listener to enter. There they are subjected in a split ...
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