Peer Pressure And Teen Pregnancy

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Peer Pressure ad its impact on the increasing rate of Teen Pregnancy

Peer Pressure ad its impact on the increasing rate of Teen Pregnancy


Peer pressure can happen when we are influenced to do something, we usually would not do, or we are stopped from doing something we would like to do. This may be because we want to be accepted by our peers. We do something we usually do not do things by peers affect, or as companions rather than do the things we like to do the original, this is the "peer pressure". The reason why we will be affected from peer pressure is that because we want to get the recognition and acceptance of the companions. A peer can be anyone you look up to or someone who you would think is an equal in age or ability. A peer could be a friend, someone in the community or even someone on TV. You may experience peer pressure as you live up to either the individual's or group's expectations, or follow a particular fashion or trend. Affect our companion may be a person you admire, it may be someone your age or strength. Your friends can also be a person of the same community, or what people on TV. When you work in order to achieve the expectations of a person or a group or chase a fashion trend, you are in fact experiencing peer pressure. Peer pressure may influence us in a number of ways, including our:

Peer Pressure impacts on us in many aspects, including:

1. Fashion choice

2. Alcohol and other drug use

3. Decision to have a boyfriend / girlfriend

4. Choice of who our friends are

5. Academic performance

Teenage pregnancy is another issue that has been in connection with the peer pressure. Increasing rate in teen pregnancies has been cited due to this peer pressure. Teenage pregnancy is also referred as adolescent pregnancy. The term teenage pregnancy more commonly includes girls of thirteen to seventeen years old. There are different interpretations of teenage pregnancies in different countries. In many societies, teenage pregnancy is considered inappropriate. On the other side, there are a few societies in the world where teenage pregnancy is considered a norm. This paper discusses Peer pressure and its impact on the increasing rate of teen pregnancies.


Peer Pressure

If the peer pressure are positive like the pressure from friends to show off your beautiful voice in a concert then it's not an issue. But generally the term refers to the negative side only. Peer pressure a fairly self-explanatory term is literally the pressure we feel from our partners or friends to do certain things, eat certain foods, speak certain words, teasing or bullying, smoking and so on which we are not in favor of. Peer pressure can be both positive and negative, but for the most part when we hear about peer pressure it is the harmful variety. Peer pressure can put you at risk, make you compromise your morals and deter you from your ...
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