Personal Statement For Psychiatry Residence Program

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Personal Statement for Psychiatry Residence Program

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Personal Statement for Psychiatry Residence Program

I am interested in the Psychiatry Residence Program of this school. I want to complete my residence in psychiatry at this school and then want to become a psychiatrist. I am also interested in the field of clinical research in psychiatry. In addition, my research interests include those related to pharmaceutical or drug research in the field of psychiatry. However, in the end I want to do group practice in psychiatry rather than working for any psychiatric hospital.

Currently I am in my final year of the doctor of medicine at the AUA School of Medicine. I have also been very successful in this program. It was my passion to become the medical doctor. Now I want to specialize in the field of psychiatry. I have been working in the US for the past 6 years in the field of pharmacy. I worked at various pharmacies including the Brooks Pharmacy and Rite Aid Pharmacy while also earning my pharmacist license. I had completed my Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy from Mangalore, India. Accordingly, I find my pharmacy experience to be all beneficial for me as well as very relevant to becoming a psychiatrist.

In addition to the various certificates that I earned, I have completed my Master of Science in Chemistry from the Rhode Island University. This further adds to my background of pharmacy and now I am both a pharmacist as well as a chemist. I completed this two-year program in 2003.

The completion of a program in chemistry makes me wanting to become a doctor, the way I always wanted. However, now I want to earn the degree in psychiatry. Therefore, I want to pursue my further education in psychiatry to become a professional psychiatrist. Currently, I am also enrolled in the Doctor of Medicine program of the AUA Medical School. This program started in 2009 and I am currently enrolled as the final semester student in this program. Additionally, I have again excelled in this program like always and my grades and academic performance are commendable.

Moreover, I have always preferred doing voluntary work to help the humanity and to eradicate suffering of the people. Therefore, I volunteer in several campaigns and programs to help people. These range from participating in the AUA Medical School Camps to participating in the annual community health fair organized by the Flatlands Medical and Urgent Care.

I also complete multiple rotations during my medical doctor program. These involve interning at Wyckoff Heights Medical Center as well as at Kingsbrook Jewish Medical Center. These rotations involve working at various departments that range from obstetrics and gynecology to emergency medicine, to internal medicine departments.

Now I intend to pursue the residence program in psychiatry of this school. I further realize that being the medical doctor is not what I had always aimed. Contrarily, I want to specialize in the field of psychiatry as I both like the field as well as have immense interest ...
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