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Procter and Gamble


What are their responsibilities to the community in general?

Social responsibility initiatives involve a variety of platforms. They may need to take to the charities and organizations in the form of contributions, sponsorship of education, health or other intangible or tangible to provide the expertise and consumer product design, special groups.

It should be noted that this is a social responsibility of business marketing tool. The reason for this is a unique opportunity for enterprises to obtain disclosure of other aspects of its business. As long as corporate social responsibility as the negotiation of the article, then they must discuss other related business. As a marketing tool for additional social responsibility, public sale, as a commitment to the project is neutral. This is opposed to the company's advertising. People always think that when a third party, to write something, they do not have any inherent bias. (Saywell, 2000) Examples of social responsibility in Procter & Gamble in context of marketing and advertising problems faced by the companyConsidering Procter & Gamble Company, the company has more than three under its brand name and sell its products about 50 million consumers' find a hundred more than forty countries and the world. This company is of considerable social responsibility, because it is the most serious in the United States as a corporate citizen that ideal. In 2004, P & G second list of the top hundred corporate citizens.

Of P & G corporate social responsibility activities is the most prominent aspects of participation in Turkey. The latter countries experienced a severe earthquake caused the country recover. Many people affected by natural disasters, they lost their property and even their relatives. Therefore, most of who do not have enough to meet their basic need. P & G took upon ...
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