Project For Organizational Development

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Project for Organizational Development

Project Description

The scope of this project is to provide a reference for work training that would be useful for an organization and their clients as they both communicate and specify a project plan for change. Both the internal and external consultants will be benefited by the outcomes of the project. We will be proposing a strategic plan which when implemented to any organization will result in the profitable organizational change.

Purpose of the Project

Organizations are always under an ever growing pressure to quickly adjust to the global market, Environmental and regulatory pressures to survive and to maintain competitiveness. The adaptation pressure is evident in the growing outsourcing incidence, cost-cutting, acquisitions and mergers for the uptake of the transformation and the new technology. We have recognized that the organization and the people that are employed there are commonly uncertain about the change. They perceive no actual profit one way or the other. Our aim of this project is to make this ambivalence resolved in order to make people to adopt the change because of the advantages that the change can bring (Pierce, 2009). This we will try to achieve through the organizational development project. We have selected this approach of taking individuals, teams, groups and the entire organizations through a strategic plan.

Expected Outcomes

The following outcomes are expected to be achieved by the implementation of a flexible, pragmatic and relevant Strategic Plan with emphasis primarily on internal priorities addressing:

Effective governance board, including operations and oversight

Clear coordination and description of employee and Board roles

Common goals and vision for all the leaders of the organization

Processes and structures to direct all of the employees and the Board towards the new vision achievement

Stronger management of finance, decisions and analysis

Widespread marketing that will include advertising, promotions and research

Enhanced image and integrity among the shareholders

On the whole, more preemptive problem solving, direction setting and decision making

Initial Project Activities and Deliverables

Assessment of organization and planning the development, including initial recommendations and assessments, resulting in the written report of assessment and the plan for organizational development to tackle the issues mentioned in report (McLean, 2005).

Development of the board, including organization of all the members and staffing, engagement of all the members, with inclusive, stage by stage materials and guidelines for all serious and continuing activities of the Board, resulting in the written from of the Board Development Plan.

Strategic processing, including process of customizing plan, recognition and ...
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