Psychology, Theology, And Spirituality In Christian

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Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian

Psychology, Theology, and Spirituality in Christian


The counseling of Christian pertains to the theology, integration of psychology, and spirituality into the lives of clients and counselor. Psychology, Theology and Spirituality in Christian Counseling provides imminence into the ways in which the three approaches can possibly be utilized to assist the individuals into identifying particular dimensions of their lives which may be boosted through the inclusion of spirituality by the councilor into their sessions of counseling. It is essential for the counselor to be the practicing followers of their spirituality in order to lead the world through their example. Numerous counselors face tough times when they are required to address their own faith, with their clients. The client's spirituality will fall by the wayside in the counseling session.

In the book, McMinn (1996) facilitates the readers with various ways which can possibly be adopted by the counselor to foster the Christian guidance by incorporating their spiritual thoughts into the counseling sessions and ultimately, into the lives of their clients. The main purpose of the Christian counselor lies in the promotion of spiritual and mental growth, and this will enable the client to renounce their belief and seek the guidance of God. Through the approach of McMinn (1996), we are enables to discover that a healthy sense of self is needed to surmount our difficulties (p. 47). One of the ways, the books suggests for overcoming our hindrances, is praying. Prayers permit us to stay in contact with God. According to the statements of McMinn (1996), the people who offer prayers are usually open to more purposes and experiences in life, religious satisfaction, greater marital satisfaction, and a general sense of well-being (p. 66). Conversely, it is necessary for the counselor to first maintain a trustworthy relationship with the client so that they are able to use prayer in an effective manner in the counseling sessions. The references adopted from the scripture may also play a vital role in the sessions of counseling. McMinn (1996) has also elaborates upon the fact that the material for theological boundaries and contemplation can be provided by the scripture in order to enable the client avoid from sliding into self worship and heresy (p. 107-108). It is seen that, numerous that psychological issues are thought to cause sin. While observing sins, we tend to see at the external and internal attribution elements which contribute to emotional behavior. McMinn (1996) also permits the readers to look into the ways in which the client's confession may lessen many of the emotional issues of clients. The book mentions that the identification of people gives rise to forgiveness which is an act of compassion (p. 216). The individuals relieve themselves from their sins and ask for forgiveness, when they permit them to gain humility and insight along with seeking redemption. Thus, McMinn (1996) throughout the book permits the readers to have a look that the counseling process of an individual's enables ...
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