Review Of Cultural Competency

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Review of Cultural Competency in Peer-Led Programs: A Web Survey & Program Assessment Tool


Cultural competency is a subject with very less literature review, to make a perception about adult's psychiatric dysfunctions a health support program was required to analyze the background of a person's culture. The main outcome of this survey would help in scenarios such as an open questionnaire for diagnosis of health related issues. The method adopted to conduct the survey was through web respondents which were hired through multiple sources. In order to find the reasons for not using peer guidance and strategies required to divulge in different communities was one of the chief reason to initiate the survey. The outcome of the study was most people prefer consulting professional rather than peer support group and half of them had no knowledge of peer support programs. Cultural compatibility tool which was a result of the survey was initially tested on peer run programs. Cultural competency tool assisted in further research on such programs.

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Literature Review4

The Method Procedure5

The Method Design5


The Results7

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Review of Cultural Competency in Peer-Led Programs: A Web Survey & Program Assessment Tool


In the current research and development literature, there is no specification for cultural competency. The concept is not new; it has been identified in the health services and Public health programs in the year 1990. A study on cultural competency assists in the present contemplation of resolving ethnic and racial differences in the health position and measurement of care (Neligh, 1990). The ever increasing population of the United States, there are people with diversified cultural backgrounds. The continuous existence of racial and ethical difference of health in nursing, medicine, social work and public health; the adaption of concepts that can assist in working with the diverse population groups is under observation.

Literature Review

To analyze the cultural compatibility of peer run groups and programs, it is essential to observe the skills, attitudes and knowledge available on the cultural history of people. The study consists of awareness of adults about the psychiatric dysfunctions with the help of cultural compatibility of peer assistance in mental and physical health support programs. A web based methods were introduced to conduct a survey, participants were hired through the emails, list-serv, newsletters and oral/written recommendation of mental health related personnel's (Fadiman, 1997). The method used was, a total number of 527 assistance guides were questioned about the cultural compatibility restrains that were witnessed in the peer run assessments. The chief reason for not including the services of peer's services was to engage in diversified community groups and study different strategies. (Franklin, Hope & Moss, 2000)

The Method Procedure

To indentify the need of cultural program a survey was established. A detail of utilized method is as follows after reviewing the existing cultural competency tools, an active listening session was conducted in which interviews were conducted with the peers at substitute, meetings were established with potential peers, a web survey was done on the analysis of which a tool was ...
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