Role Of Technology In Bringing Social And Cultural Change

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Role of technology in bringing social and cultural change

Role of technology in bringing social and cultural change


The institutions of society are modified by the mass media technologies and this becomes an instrument of legitimating new meanings, stabilization of existing or alteration of previously built. Information technology has had its ups and downs throughout its history of development. Information technology along with its several aspects cannot be qualified as a good or bad for society as its social usefulness depends largely on the power that directs or controls it. Thus we can say, to quote one of the great “interventions” technology (Rob, & Walt, 1982, pp. 1-90), the wireless telegraph was an important piece of technology when the Titanic sank because and it was learned from the tragic event. But the use of technology by Nazi (generally in almost every war process) of the mass media technologies (radio, cinema, press etc) had assimilations nature of citizenship, which is far from informative character that took precedence in the first instance (Rob, & Walt, 1982, pp. 1-90). Thus we can say that technology poses to support mass “natural” communications amending the societies in which they appear, changing them into habits, values and institutions.

Social networking and its influence on society

Fact is that social networks are present in our daily lives. But the question is that to what extent can they affect the society and what sort of impact our society will face due to these social networks? These are just simple applications that allow the exchange of ideas and photos, chat, where they search for friends and schoolmates and organize meetings, encouraging relationships? (Mehrdad, 2011) They enable a new way of participation in society, with interesting applications that support and facilitate relationships with intense and diverse participation, changes in the eyes of the world, but at a minimum space of time, all very fast, in a just click. How many times a day we hear of social networks, is not it? They talk about the latest innovations and applications to be launched, on ways to use its interaction with mobile phones and even with home TV and so on. Already all know the power of these networks, they're here to stay and that influences Society (Mehrdad, 2011).

Influence of Facebook as social media

By cautiously entered our lives almost without realizing it, and without realizing it, became almost second nature. Facebook has long since won us all, becoming part of the lives of many of us but, incredibly, continues to grow and amaze. But if we are dealing with a medium that has entered the lives of so many people, how that medium is then cast your way society we live in? Facebook is currently the largest social network in the world, having already surpassed the barrier of 500 million active users, and maintaining a very high growth rate (according to the latest rumors, that number has reached to 600 million). If Facebook were a country, it would have the third most populated in the world, ...
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