Shop Rite Vs Price Chopper

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Shop Rite VS Price Chopper

Shop Rite VS Price Chopper

Shop Rite VS Price Chopper

What is the service encounter triad for Shop Rite on Central Ave in Albany NY?

The plan for Shoprite in Albany has been announced by the officials from ShopRite. This project has been developed in the back of OTB Tele-theater property which is located on central Ave. ShopRite has been re-arrived in the capital. However, this re-arrival has brought the competition in supermarket. The main competitors at Albany for ShopRite are Price Chopper and Hannaford situated in the same street. There were some rumors that ShopRite is opening four stores in this area. The ShopRite Supermarkets Inc has officially opened the 65,000 square foot of its store in 2012 in Albany. The store has provided the broad range of groceries, fresh products and local products, the store also have different services including the fresh bake shop, pharmacy, fresh meats, full-service floral department, fresh sea foods and a broad range of different ethnic, organic and natural products in each and every department. The store also provides the great range of prepared food to its customers including the Mediterranean Olive bars, Gourmet Coffee bar, fresh salad and different Japanese and Chinese specialties which were both for the dine-in and take out services.

In order to provide convenience to its customers, ShopRite has also provided the facility of different latest energy-saving and sustainable technologies which can be best used for refrigerating and lighting. These main technologies are glass doors on the dairy and freezer cases, refrigerant systems, LED and t-8 lighting. Thus, these are the main services provided by ShopRite in its store situated in Albany NY.

What is the service encounter triad for Price Chopper in Loudonville NY?

Price Chopper is also a chain of supermarkets. The heard quarter of the company is located in Schenectady, New York. The supermarket has opened its store in Loudonville New York. Through the stores, the company has brought extensions in the online ordering systems. In its store of Loudonville, Price Chopper has offered the facilities of different products including the food items, bakery and confectionary items, electrical appliances and home appliances and clothing (Ailawadi, 2004).

Does one of these firms approach seem better than the other? Why?

Price Chopper and ShopRite are located on one and the same place at Albany. Therefore, there is a great competition between two super stores. The two superstores are developing different effective strategies in order to deal with each other. The main aim of these superstores is to provide better quality products and services which could be helpful for the companies in order to gain the competitive edge from each other. These two supermarkets are competing with each other in terms of delivery. For the purpose of gaining an edge over Price Chopper, ShopRite from its store at Albany offers the home delivery services to its customers. Against this service of ShopRite, Price Chopper has also initiated the service of home delivery and started distributing the flyers for ...
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