Smoking Healthy Lifestyle

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Smoking Healthy Lifestyle

Smoking Healthy Lifestyle


Healthy lifestyle is impossible without getting rid of bad habits, one of which is smoking. Therefore, in order to be healthy to quit smoking and exercise. A healthy lifestyle does not think without getting rid of bad habits, one of which is smoking (Webb, 2007: 212). Annually in the world of smoking, and diseases that are caused by this pernicious habit, hundreds of thousands of people die. This is not surprising. The results of these studies argue that cigarette smoke contains about four thousand substances, more than half of which represents a potential danger to human life (Romer &Jamieson, 2001: 12).

In UK today, there are a lot of smokers. The majority of UK population smokes; and the rate of smoking is increasing. Individuals start smoking at the age of school, perhaps in the elementary grades. By 20-25 years the majority of the population already has experience smoking of 10-12 years. Smoking causes irreparable harm, leading to the development of diseases that are very difficult to treat, and sometimes lead to death (Ross & Willson, 2006: 98).

Discussion: Health Behaviour With Regards To Smoking

Quitting smoking can be one, but the habit to smoke in a day a few packs of cigarettes leads to penetration into the body of various substances. So, undoubtedly, one of the most dangerous substances that are in cigarette smoke is nicotine. Alkaloid substance is dangerous by its very nature that affects the central nervous system, and can be addictive, similar to the drug (Ogden, 2007: 58). As a result, the impact of nicotine on the human body, increases heart activity, it occurs due to narrowing of blood vessels, particularly the coronary arteries, which leads to insufficient blood supply to the heart.

Resins are harmful substances that enter the human body by smoking. The consequences can be very negative. Respiratory irritation occurs, which often leads to a variety of oncological diseases, in most cases: lung cancer, bronchial tubes, throat and other organs. We all know how bad automobile exhaust, through which enters into the atmosphere carbon monoxide. The same element is contained in cigarette smoke. As a result of smoking carbon monoxide enters the lungs and spreads through the bloodstream throughout the body, causing oxygen starvation and falling, particularly in the brain. Chronic exposure to carbon monoxide in the body, which leads to smoking, pregnancy, is no exception, leads to vessels that have a negative impact on the cardiovascular system (Malone & Yerger, 2001: 550). That leads to diseases related to the functioning of the heart, and pregnant women affected the cardiovascular system of the fetus, since carbon monoxide is passed through the mother's blood kid.

Sure, smoking is also in most cases the cause of various cancers, which are incompatible with a healthy lifestyle. Blame the toxins that are contained in tobacco smoke, and lead to cell damage and the process of mutation. The process of mutation can cause uncontrolled growth of cells that are transformed into a malignant ...
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