Social Care Legislation And Policy

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Best Practice Based on Social Care Legislation and Policy

Best Practice Based on Social Care Legislation and Policy


Social care incorporates care of the state, society of citizens in need of help, assistance with regard to age, health, social status, lack of livelihoods. Social care and assistance (social protection, social security) are manifested in the form of pensions, allowances, provision of material assistance, maintenance of sick and elderly, caring for children. Firmly guaranteed commercial security system disabled called social insurance. At the national level, there are also many organizations and institutions that regulate the march of social work within the home. Among them, the British Association of Social Workers (The British Association of Social Workers in the United Kingdom is the most famous and successful one.

The social care profession aims to pursue the adoption of social justice and improve living conditions. Along with this, support all possible means to provide welfare and prosperity of every individual and family group in the community. It also strives at the same time to deal with social issues and find solutions to them and at all levels of society, in addition to working on the, development of the economic situation of society as a whole, particularly among the poor and the sick. Social work has a long history in promoting community and the fight against poverty and the problems that ensue. As a result, the social work is linked to a large extent the idea of working charity, but must be dealt with from a broader perspective.

The implementation of best practice based on social care legislation and policy for community-based service of health of social care and mental illnesses are becoming widespread within UK. This is so as demand for social care for the citizens residing in UK. As one observes that the SSD of Bath and North East Somerset (BANES), a community health care and mental illnesses caters to this service in this area. This area covers diverse urban and rural areas at a time, with a population of about 166,000 inhabitants. Every year some 3000 elderly people with physical and mental disabilities receive social care from the community centre of health care and mental illness an estimate of their needs. About one third of them thus are proving to be faced with significant challenges. Other social care services such as giving pension, material allowances as well as providing protection to the citizens is also increasing (Davies, 2000, page 400).

Discussion Best Practice Based on Social Care Legislation

The system of Social Services and care in the UK has been directed and managed by local authorities since 1971, under the supervision of the Minister of Transport, Local Government and Regional (Secretary of State for Transport, Local Government and Regions). As for matters relating to social care, care community, responsibility and personal services are the Ministry of Health (Secretary of State for Health). The best practice based on social care legislation is seen in the community named health care and ...
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