Social Issues - Poverty

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Social Issues - Poverty

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Social Issues - Poverty


Poverty is considered to be a social problem since its effects permeate and influence the society as a whole. It is a social problem which is a like festering wound in the society present in all cultures e.g. people who have low income levels like 2.5$ per day. It even has people who lack access to basic necessities of life like markets, education, lack of decision, healthcare, clean water, roads, sanitation, communication and transport (Darity, 2008). Lastly the Spirit of Poverty compels the people to share their despair, apathy, timidity and hopelessness.


In such cases the simple means of financially helping the victim does not act as an effective measure to eliminate poverty, rather it serves to further promote poverty. The social nature of the problem for poverty merits a social solution.

Simply transferring funds will not eradicate or reduce poverty. It will only serve to aggravate the factors of poverty. A solution needs to be found which is conscious and clear. It should result in the complete eradication of the five factors of poverty (Carl, 2011).

History, Causes & Factors

There are many reasons for the presence of poverty in the modern world. The historical causes include slavery, colonialism, conquest and war. There is a difference between the causes of poverty and the factors that contribute towards poverty. These are the causes of poverty and are in the past. Just like there is nothing to be gained from flogging a dead horse, similarly, pointing finger at specific countries, tyrants or time frames as being the major causes of poverty will not help in its reduction. The factors need to addressed properly to reduce the further spread of poverty (Balkin, 2004).

The causes and factors are not the same thing. The factor is something that is responsible for allowing the continuation of problem, in this case poverty, and cause is something which is the key factor in the happening or origination of the said problem

The best example which can be quoted here is of Europe. For many years the nations residing in the continent of Europe waged wars with one another, leaving themselves virtually living on charity and handouts. However, after they stopped the wars, they established themselves to a regular income scale and create prosperous populaces by working hard. In comparison, there are countless of third world countries in the world that in spite ...
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