Team In An Organization

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Team in an Organization

Team in an Organization


Someone rightly said that two heads are better than one. Working in a team, for any specific work, helps in understanding and execution of the strategies at much easier way than working alone and doing things all on your own. In this paper I will share my experiences of working in a team.


I would like to bring my personal experience conducted in an attempt to work in company with a cohesive team, and some thoughts provoked, without any intention of giving default rules.

The word team conjures up a Community dimension of something you do together, you share that opens thoughts or attention to others. But in the corporate context is often used as an Englishness whose meaning is reduced to 'a group of people who orbit around a charismatic leader'.

The team is something that tries to work in these unknown spaces so that no opportunity is wasted. And 'research contexts in which people can express their abilities to be better, for themselves and for the company. For this to happen we must start by respecting people as individuals, can produce results using their personal ability to find solutions that are not programmable and above expectations. You build the team to get a better result: if you take more items you get the sum of the parts, if you add more s-objects cannot assume the result.

We must agree on the word "team". We begin to say what is not: it is doing well, not socialism, it is not bigotry, not egalitarianism. It 's maximum liability towards the common goals, has a different leadership, hard work is not common, is put at the disposal of others and ask others, it's individual professional growth and corporate management of the company is out of the logic of power (distorting) that surround and love so that the heads.

The team help a company is a group of people, to achieve a common goal; they provide each other's knowledge, skills and professional experience. It's better if they have developed relational skills. It 'made by different people, but by their diversity derives value added.

The team does not auto formation process: you have to act a series of concrete activities aimed at changing work patterns established. I try to identify possible directions of this work.

A cohesive team requires an extraordinary maturity of its members to exit ...
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