The Effects Of Poverty On The Mental, Emotional, And Behavioral Health Of Children And Youth

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The Effects of Poverty on the Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health of Children and Youth

The Effects of Poverty on the Mental, Emotional, and Behavioral Health of Children and Youth


In this article prevention science implication on the topic of family poverty and its effects on children's emotional, behavioral and mental health are discussed. Initially poverty is defined and experimental and conceptual background that relates to the effects of poverty on child M-E-B health is discussed. After that a conceptual framework with different mechanism is provided by the theorists. This includes various mechanisms which influence mental health of child and youth. After this the theorists have discussed these framework and mechanisms in light of family poverty. Further its effects on M-E-B of child and youth is discussed in detail. The article also focuses on the strategies which can help to reduce poverty and their effects on M-E-B health of youth and Childs (Yoshikawa, Aber & Beardslee, 2012).

In this article not only the effects of family poverty is discussed, but the effects of neighborhood poverty on child M-E-B health is also discussed. This effect provides a strong foundation on behalf of which we can try to prevent negative effects and cause of poverty. The author further discussed the mechanisms that are used are mediators and its effects on M-E-B health of child and youth. Prevention strategy used this mediating method. The author further discussed that the evidence of effects of family poverty on child M-E-B health is little. In case the poverty is reduced through reduction strategy which helps the family to increase their income, they can easily produce a positive effect on the health of children. The authors have discussed various techniques to prevent / reduce poverty such as earning supplements based on tax policy. It is concluded that M-E-B health of child and youth is also dependent on the social activities that are performed around them in any environment. .

Ecological & Social theory & Explanation of concept in the Article

There are different institutions that effect the development of child. This includes school, family, neighborhood, religious institutions and peers. Poverty influences these institution and development of child negatively. A child if not treated well by the family of by his peers or other components of Microsystems than he can reacts adversely to the actions initiated in these institutions.

If a child sees difference in experiences between his family and his school it affects the mental capability of the child. A child can also become emotionally disturbed due to difference in reaction and actions in different environments.

While defining the exosystem and linking it with the theories the author states that the child can get influenced by the people in their social circle. If his friend is not treated properly at home than his reaction can also change the decision making capabilities of the child too. This can also include conflict between parents due to work pressure or other changes in working environment of his parents.

Culture in which a child is living also acts ...
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