The Muslim Brotherhood In Turkey 1930-1950

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The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey 1930-1950

Executive Summary

From the beginning of the year 1930s Muslims living in Turkey has been faced with numerous problems related to their religion. After the fall of Ottoman Empire Kamal Ataturk who was the founder of Turkey was made the president of the state, who separated the political system of the nation from the religious traditions and beliefs. However Muslims realized the need for opposing these actions and fighting for a state that was based on Islamic laws. Religion provides an individual the way of living and a sense of direction. It provides Muslim with a complete code of conduct. Turkey did not only face religious problems but also suffered from a downturn in the economy, people believed that the only way to resolve these issues is to incorporate the teachings of Islam in the politics of the state. The nation was becoming dominant by the western states and the influence of the modern world was increasing with every passing day. Secularism was common and Muslims were moving from their religion. Thus an organization known as the Muslim Brotherhood was formed in the year 1928 by a Muslim teacher who lived in Egypt the goal of which was to unite Muslim brothers from all around the world and work for the cause of Islam in the way of Allah. It was a complete system that stated Islam should be spread all around the world and Muslims have the responsibility to make efforts to expand the teachings of Islam globally. The movement grew rapidly and was made a politics party in the late 1930s with the members spread internationally. The number of members increased to approximately a million who were trained to work for Islam and Muslims and for their human rights.

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Historical Background1

Establishment of Muslim Brotherhood1


Orthodox and Heterodox In Turkey3

Turkey and Its Neighboring States4

Turkey and Bulgaria4

Turkey and Ukraine4

Turkey and Georgia4

Turkey and Azerbaijan5

Turkey and Its Relation with Iran, Iraq and Syria5

Secularization in Turkey and the Process of Islamization6

Islam and Politicization7


The Muslim Brotherhood in Turkey 1930-1950


Historical Background

After the dissolution of Ottoman Empire the state of Turkey was formed in the year 1923, at that time the president and founder of the state was Kamal Ataturk- the father of Turks, he was accountable for demolishing the dominance of Islamic laws and replacing those with the western influences. He removed Caliphates, disallowed the men to grow beards and it was also forbidden for women to cover their heads, and made the state that follows secular traditions. However this was opposed by the Muslims spread all over the world as a result, as mentioned above a teacher from Egypt form the organization Muslim Brotherhood that did not only restrict to Egypt but was expanded globally. With the beginning of the year 1930 this organization was formally established, groups of men were formed who were provided with training and they were then called the “Battalions”. These men were responsible to fight for the cause of Islam and were accountable to spread Islam ...
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