The Role And Life Of A Mental Health Counselor

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The Role and Life of a Mental Health Counselor

The Role and Life of a Mental Health Counselor


The main purpose of this paper is to analyze the role and life of a mental health counselor. The mental health counselor which has been chosen for this paper is mental health counselor dealing with children. In order to assess the daily activities and the role of mental health, an interview has been conducted from that counselor. In this interview, different questions have been asked about their role, professional life and job overview.

Component 1: Interview

Following questions have been asked in the interview mental health counselor of children for the purpose of assessing their role and daily life as a mental health counselor.

1: When someone asks you how being a mental health counselor is different from being a social worker or psychologist, what do you tell them?

I tell them that there is a great difference between the mental health counselor and the psychologist. The licensed professional counselor plays an important role in the prevention and treatment of mental illness. This candidate is licensed by the Department of Health, pursuant to Law 147 of August 9, 2002 as amended: to regulate the profession of counseling in Puerto Rico. They were stationed primarily in educational settings, understood in schools, colleges and universities, to offer personal counseling, academic and vocational. Although his work was crucial implications on the physical, mental and emotional health of its customers, its functions was to provide guidance. The term counseling is different from psychology and social welfare as it refers to: "the application of principles of mental health, psychological, and human development through intervention strategies cognitive, affective, behavioral or systemic, aimed at wellness, personal growth, career development and life as well as pathology ".

2: Can you describe what a normal day looks like for you as you do your job?

For me a normal day is like spending all my hours with the children suffering from mental illness. I feel it very good to deal with the problems of children and providing them the best counseling services which can be helpful for them in making their life better.

3: What ethical and legal issues do you have to keep in mind each day?

I have to treat different children suffering from mental illness on daily basis. While dealing with them it is necessary for me that I should take care of their privacy concerns and provide them complete security.

4: How does understanding and respecting multiculturalism help you as a counselor?

The children of mental illness belong to different cultures and while dealing with these students it is really necessary for me not to indulge in the cultural biasness and deal all the children in the same manner and provide them the best counseling services.

5: How does your knowledge of human growth and development inform your practice?

For an effective mental health counselor it is necessary to have the proper knowledge of human growth and development. This knowledge is very helpful for me in order ...
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