The Role Of Knowledge Management In Enhancing Organizational Effectiveness: A Study Of Ras Gas Company Qatar

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[The Role of KNowledge Management in enhancing Organizational Effectiveness: a studY of Ras Gas Company Qatar]



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Executive Summary

In this study we try to explore the concept of “Knowledge management” in a holistic context. The main focus of the research is on Knowledge management and its relation with organizational effectiveness. The research also analyzes many aspects and phases of knowledge management and tries to gauge its effect on the effectiveness on the organization. The study used the case of Ras Gas Company and determined the process of knowledge management in the company.

Table of Contents





Project Summary7

The nature of knowledge7

Concept of Knowledge Management9

Concept of Organizational Effectiveness11

Background of the Company17

Objective of the project23


Rationale for the study24



Primary Research26

Secondary Research26

Quantitative Research26

Case Study Methodology27


Reliability and Validity28


Ethical Considerations30

Data Processing & Analysis31

Studies on Ras Gas Company Qatar31

Primary data collection32

Data Collection Sources32

Data Collection Tools/Instruments32


Fieldwork/Data Collection33

Data Analysis33

Questionnaire Coding34

Conclusion and Findings34


Survey Findings through Questionnaire39



Recommendations for Managers43

Recommendations for Researchers45

Suggestion for Future Research46

Assumptions & Limitation47



Annexure A51

Annexure B52

Annexure C55

Findings Output60

Calculation Sample for Knowledge Creation65

Raw Data69

Chapter 1: Introduction

Project Summary

“The role of knowledge management in enhancing organizational effectiveness: a study of “Ras Gas Company Qatar” was chosen to conduct a research. The management of the intellectual capital of the organization has become increasingly important in the knowledge based society today. Both commercial and public organizations recognize the importance of being an effective learning organization. There is growing need for individuals who have the appropriate training and experience in the knowledge management function (Barney 2008, 99). Due to the discretionary nature of the Knowledge Sharing behavior, the subject of motivating Knowledge Sharing has received great attention in the current literature on knowledge management.

The nature of knowledge

Biggam (2001) proposes a three point criteria for distinguishing knowledge from blind belief or opinions, that is: a) the subject matter should be true, b) the perceiver must believe this to be the case and c) the perceiver must be in a position to know this to be the ...
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