Treatment Of Women In Afghanistan

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Treatment of women in Afghanistan

Treatment of women in Afghanistan


Treatment of women in Afghanistan has become an issue which is in a doubt since long. Violence against women in Afghanistan is famous all around the world, but the main problem is that it is never in its palpable sense. It is also a well know reality that women in Afghanistan has very limited criteria of enjoying their life with freedom. Certainly, the contemporary history of Afghanistan is in part a record of “power struggles flanked by competing political faction so as to use women's rights as a litmus examination of Islamic legality. This move violently to decide the suitable role and rank of women in Afghan civilization is one of the faultlines that shape a rural-urban, or modern-traditional, divide that goes to the heart of modern Afghan government. Other contributing factors, counting in particular widespread and deeply entrenched impunity that sustains and exacerbates the ramifications of abusive power structures, greatly complicate efforts to secure respect for the human rights of Afghan females whose rights are “traded in the context of political deals and a transactional approach to justice.


Historical and present day treatment of women in Afghanistan

During the ensuing part of the twentieth century, before the advent of Taliban, women are facing treatment equally in terms of education and employment. The capital of Afghanistan, Kabul was the center for the advancement of women. In the pre civil war era in Afghanistan, the ration of education participation is observing very impressive. Around fifty percent students and sixty percent of teacher were women at the University of Kabul. More than sixty percent of women were in government services   and forty percent women were serving as doctor in Kabul.(2003)

Conversely, the post civil war era depicts totally different scenario of women treatment in Afghanistan. When the Taliban came in control in 1996, they introduced the system of gender discrimination. The progress of women in Afghanistan was badly affecting with the strict and unjust laws forced by the Taliban. The Taliban restricted the visibility, mobility and voice of women all over in Afghanistan. Besides that, the widows were symbolizing by coloring black paint to their house. They have made the wear of burqa compulsory, which covers the whole body of women from head to toe. Many health care issues rose, due to the unjust and cruel laws imposed by Taliban as the female doctors were restricting at their home and were not allowing work outside. After gaining the power in Afghanistan, Taliban created a rough environment for women to live inside the country in which they were not habitual of living a restricted life.(2004) Such terrible ways of vengeance would cause anybody with a sense of right and wrong to speculate about the reason of such stringent laws. The Taliban justifies their conduct of women by philosophy of it as a religious compulsion. According to them, they were making a pure Islamic country. They made false interpretation of hadith as the foundation of their immutable laws. The Taliban had a clear and transparent reason of justifying ...
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