United States And The People's Democratic Rights

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United States and the People's Democratic Rights


Democratic American state provides its citizens a number of rights, but also imposes certain obligations on them. Both are written in the constitution, which is the most important piece of legislation in the country. The purpose of the American state is to ensure law and order within the American state. We as citizens, respecting and fulfilling the obligations imposed on us, also contribute to this.

The constitution of the United States contained provisions regarding rights and the liberties of the citizen under democratic state. In this case, when he mentions the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution, applies an unwritten rule that what is not forbidden is allowed. Democratic rights and civil liberties set in accordance with constitution are categorized under three groups. These include freedom and personal rights, political rights, and economic, social and cultural rights (Smith, 23). Rather, the field of inquiry is strategically narrowed to present a concise overview of modern democratic thought and its implication in assessing the citizen democratic rights and power.


I believe the United States should not give greater democratic rights and powers to the common people because it will limit the government tendency to actively take the decision in interest of country. Majority of people can be easily exploited based on their limited knowledge about the issue and ability to take decisions on their own.

Participatory democratic theorists argued that democratic participation conceived of in a broader way would produce myriad benefits unrealizable by conventional pluralist modes of democratic participation. Deliberation has become one of the most important techniques for democratic leadership, especially in the movement to promote more civic engagement in democracies (Shapiro, 46). It is most useful when it helps one to sort through key preconditions for democratic insurgencies, and it clarifies some of the fundamental requirements for sustaining democratic societies in the face of consolidating power in citizens (Estlund, ...
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