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Viral Marketing

Viral Marketing


Viral marketing, also known as viral advertising, are marketing buzzwords that refer to techniques of marketing using social networks that are pre-accessible so as to create a major increase in brand awareness also helps in achieving additional marketing objectives, for instance product sales that generate via the viral process of self-replication, parallel to the swell of virus or even the computer viruses (French et al, 1960, 607-623). Viral marketing delivers through the strategy of the word of mouth or even enhance through the Internet system effects. There are various types of Viral marketing, it may take forms such as video clips, interactive Flash games, availability of eBooks, advergames, software that are brandable images along with text messages (Godes et al, 2004, 545-560).

The vital objective of the company is on the interest in developing successful viral marketing strategies so as to sustain in the market. The main focus is to craft viral messages so as to appeal all the potential customers as well as other individuals having high societal networking potential also known as SNP. All these marketing viral messages base on having a high likelihood of offering as well as stretched by the individuals along with their rivals in their connections with the rest in a short period. Viral Marketing program is one of the most significantly used strategies so as to get connected via Social Media. There are some big names that are under the umbrella of viral marketing. These multinational corporations gained success throughout the whole program and even after the completion (Goldenberg et al, 2009, 1-13).

On the other hand, the word viral marketing is often used depreciating in order to refer to covertness campaigns related to the marketing technique. Viral Marketing has the base on three fundamental principles, which are as following: 1) Societal profile congregation.2) Propinquity of the market study and analysis.3) Synchronized as well as real-time compelling word concreteness analysis (Shaikh et al, 2005, 22-30).

One of the pivotal features of viral marketing also depends on a high rate associated to the pass-along varying from person to person. It relates to the snow ball concept that states if a huge number of receivers forward the news to a huge number of peers and friends it increases the overall growth of the snowball very rapidly. Discussion

In this section, I will discuss three main companies that went for the Viral Marketing strategy and gained their aim through it, they are as follows:1) Coca-Cola Company.2) Ford Company.3) Toyota Motor Company.1) Coca-Cola's Viral Marketing

Coca-Cola used the viral marketing strategy through marketing Wayne Rooney in the World Cup season 2006. Since the company needed, to find a way of pedaling a star or a celebrity endorsement so as to achieve cut-through as the market was getting tough during the season. Coca-Cola was waiting for a strategy of attracting the market through the celebrity message as this strategy will gain close attention, relating to the appropriate group but surely through the appropriate technique. One of the most influential sources achieve via viral marketing of peers as the peer referral ...
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