Worldview/Religion Analysis

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Worldview/Religion Analysis

Worldview/Religion Analysis

Basic summary of the worldview

In the 1800's, while the fires of revival burned among the population in the U.S., the growth of Darwinism as a scientific theory into question the reliability of the Bible as accurate history of the creation. At the same time, the rationalism of the Enlightenment in Europe, creates an atmosphere of skepticism, where the historical, religious and supernatural claims the Bible have been made subject to the scientific method of proof. In many circles, the belief cannot survive radical Inquisition cultured despise religion. And what has hitherto been regarded as the unity of theology and science (the latter confirming the ordering of the purposes of God and the power to create) was the great schism between faith and reason. Religion has been classed as a superstition to have ignorance, and science is trying to explain the role of God in nature.

In spite of this great schism, it was the Christian assumption of the rational world order, which led to research in the West. These assumptions of rational order came with a belief in God, which is understandable and orderly. This belief provided the basis for the beginning of scientific empiricism, materialism and humanism, which came to predominate worldview of Western society. The study did identify a material world, which was ordered, which can be measured, and that follow to discover the laws of physics. But with the questioning of the truth of the Bible, the society remained the physical laws of matter, but without labels.

Discussion about the flaws of this belief system

Starting around 1940, as the first generation of educational experiment, John Dewey came to political power, society has rid itself of its Christian worldview and adopt scientific humanism as the fundamental picture of the world. Science seemed to have all the answers to explain the real world, and religion, the product of ignorance and fantasy, has become increasingly private and personal matter not directly related to social life. As social order have lost a set of commonly held religious beliefs, Christianity has been relegated to just one of many unprovable religious beliefs and superstitions. And, as religion has been separated into their private sphere, any claim he may make to the ultimate truth was dismissed as a reflection of the superstitious nature of religious belief. Religion was denied a place of power in modern culture, science and its place stood the ...
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