Agee 642: Assignment 1

Read Complete Research Material

AGEE 642: Assignment 1

AGEE 642: Assignment 1

Cox C., Edgar L., and Johnson D.( 2011)Use of Required Information and Communication Technology Tasks in Undergraduate Agriculture Courses. University of Arkansas Fayetteville.

Statement of Problem

To find the requirement of the information technology and communication for the students to complete the 2009 semester.

Premise 1: there is lack of information technology in schools and colleges.

Premise 2: the increased demand of information technology in the agriculture courses

Premise 3: there are unique tasks in the agriculture courses

Premise 4: ICT use for undergraduate program

Problem: the lack of ICT in the agriculture colleges is a barrier to study agriculture courses.

Purpose: the purpose of this study is to identify the requirement of the information and technology for the completion of the agricultural course.


The abstract of the article provide concrete findings and results provided in the research. The abstract has given all the significant information that could be required for analysis. If the reviewer does not have time the abstract will provide all the findings. However the abstract is lengthy than normal research abstract but does not lack in any information.

Review Citation

The references used in the research are relevant and with proper page number that will help the analyzer to cross check the references and confirm the extracted material. However, there could be some more references, as the numbers of references are not adequate. The citation is in APA format and it is in text where necessary.

Personal Research Topic

The topic and information related to this article could be the important of Information technology and communication in the educational world, and that article could contain all, the relevant information for how the ICT is important.

Murray K., Flowers J., Croom B., Wilson B., (2011)The Agricultural Teacher's Struggle for Balance Between Career and Family, Journal of Agricultural Information.

Statement of Problem

There is ...