Ajax Minerals And Perrier

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Ajax Minerals and Perrier

Ajax Minerals and Perrier


There are two case studies which will be focused in this paper. These case studies include Problems at Perrier and Ajax Minerals. This paper will discuss leadership and management issues that came up when these two companies decided to adopt change in the organization's operations. Paper will highlight two sources which came up as resistance in introducing organizational change within the business operations of Ajax Minerals. In addition, the paper will discuss that how Ajax Minerals tackled these resistance within the organization for introducing change (Baker, 1989).


Case study of Ajax Minerals

Ajax Minerals is a mining company of United States. Currently, the company was running its business at full capacity. However, the company was experiencing some problems on the horizon. The Ajax Minerals identified that within the period of next 3 to 4 years, Pacific Rim companies will be capable of mining and shipping same type of minerals to the U.S. in less cost as compared to Ajax Minerals. Thus, the leadership team of Ajax Minerals observed this challenge and decided to take some useful actions immediately to resolve this issue. No body else within the organization observed this threat which could hit the company badly. Hourly workers and supervisor of the company were observing that work within the company was going continuously. The workers of the company were earning a lot of overtime pay. The company had a history of poorer management-labour relations. Whenever the management wanted to introduce change within the organization, the employees of the company used to feel immediately doubtful that management has decided to do something unpleasant with the workers. Thus, management of the company had to bring change within the organization by convincing and keeping in confidence all of the employees of the company (Baker, 1989).

Sources of Resistance to Change

When any organization decides to introduce change in their business operations, the organization finds many resistances to change. There exist several aspects which appear as a resistance to change within the organization. Change within the organizations involves many uncertainties and change requires more and more work. Ajax Minerals was experiencing poorer management-labour relations and at the same time the company was facing a serious threat from other companies. The uncertainty and negative affects on interests and the employees of the company were the two major sources which were appearing as resistances to change. History of the company tells that the uncertainty and discomforts that employees of the company faced before had some negative affects on the management-labour relations. Previously, the Ajax Minerals made certain poorer management decisions which caused the employees in losing their jobs or pay cuts (Bovey & Hede, 2001).

How Ajax Minerals Tackled these Resistances

Change within the organization is inevitable and essential for achieving the targets of the company and taking it to the success. The continuous improvement, advanced technology, quality movement, action learning organizations, competition, new distribution methodologies, new consumer media etc., all change the business's landscape. Management of resistance to change within the organizational operations ...