An Explorative Study On Immigration And Drinking Among Southern Africa University Students In The United Kingdom And Its Impact On Health And Well-Being

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An explorative study on immigration and drinking among Southern Africa University students in the United Kingdom and its impact on health and well-being



University Students are Drinking Globally1

The Consumption of Alcohol amongst University Students in the European Countries1

Research Questions2

Design and Methods2

Sampling strategy2


Introduction of the Chapter3

Drinking Patterns of South African University Students in the UK3

Cultural Adaptation of South African Students in the UK6

Ways of Adjusting in the New Environment6

Drinking Patterns among South African University Students in the UK7

Factors that Lead towards Increased Consumption of Alcohol among South African Students8

The Impact of the Exposure to Alcohol on South African Students in the United Kingdom9

How Do Students Perceive Their Drinking Patterns after Migrating To the UK10



University Students are Drinking Globally

The consumption of alcohol among university students is a global problem. It is also a significant health concern (Ham and Hope, 2003, pp. 720). During the last few years, the consumption of alcohol has been observed among university students at university campuses (Saunders et al. 2004, pp. 325). The evaluation of factors that contribute towards alcohol consumption among university students is important for the development of effective prevention programs (Bandura, 2003). The consumption of alcohol by university students yields several negative consequences. When university students are involved in drinking, they pay less attention to their education and other academic activities. In addition, the consumption of alcohol among students has also found to be associated with drunk driving and other illegal activities (American Psychiatric Association, 1994).

The Consumption of Alcohol amongst University Students in the European Countries

The excessive consumption of alcohol among university students is associated with diverse health problems; for instance, drunk driving, health problems, risk for injuries, and others (Karam, Kypri and Salamoun, 2007, pp. 213). There are several studies that have assessed the drinking patterns of university students in European countries at levels that can create problems. The problems are not only associated with the health of students but also their academic performance.

Another study, conducted on the consumption of alcohol among university students in the European Union, has revealed that the high risk university drinkers experience several negative consequences. The university students tend to drink more during different festivals. It is because of the reason that university students believe that alcohol consumptions help in making celebrations more festive (Andersson, 2009, pp. 2458).

Research Questions

What are the students' experiences of adjustment and cultural adaptation to exposure to drinking after coming to the UK?

How do students perceive their drinking patterns after migrating to the UK?

How has the process of exposure to a different culture influenced their beliefs, attitudes, and lifestyle towards drinking?

How does adjustment and cultural adaption impact on the students' health and well-being?

Design and Methods

A qualitative/interpretive approach will be the most suitable method to explore the students' experiences and perceptions on acculturation. As it offers understanding of the participants which cannot be quantitatively measured (Silverman, 2005). Face to face in-depth semi-structured interviews will be conducted with the participants to collect data. A total of 10 face to ...