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Theoretical Analysis & Critical Design

Theoretical Analysis & Critical Design


This paper presents the evolution of the concept of national identity through sexuality and masculinity. In fact, the theme of sexuality will be developed in three definitions, regardless of sex, love and friendship. For masculinity, it is mainly a question of analyzing the main male models offered by the films of the corpus. Sexuality is usually related to the relationship. We imagine that there is a certain emotion between two people who are having an affair. Gender also has a social connotation as it is based on a friendly practice between two women. This activity helps strengthen their bonding. We knew that their relationship was already very high (many intimate things, replace the telephone by a parallel system to decongest the line), but they are important to add a common leisure this friendship.

Gender is more like a classification based on cultural and social modes of masculinity and femininity. Masculinity lies in the ambiguity. In other words, it is to accept and assume her femininity but also her male side, without being in a exaggerated manhood. Masculinity is acquired with experience, so with age. In art, gender presentations are usually the result of cultural processes. Pictorial art and literature via art of stylization denotes media reflecting the cultural processes of both genders. The 20th century of feminism, women have particularly wanted to get the privileges that men have previously been enjoying in the past. In the past, the dominant male gender have been enjoying in patriarchal societies. The initiation of feminism art history in the year 1960 has depicted the representation of women as a subject and creator of pictorial art .

Feminism in art has been closely related to the feminist movement. The earlier themes of feminism dealt with its consequences on visual art. If we take an overlook from the historical perspective, feminism and gender related documentation as methodologies of feminist art started in 1972. This study briefly introduced a feminist viewpoint to the field of art. However, these studies have been diversified in the 20th century mostly covering gender studies related to gender indistinctness. Sex and gender can be correlated, but many societies do not relate them as one. Gender usually are operated in various factors such as ethnicity, social aspect and so on rather than on one standing point of isolation. When talking about fashion, we immediately think of trends, the ephemeral, while the mode is, however, withstand periods. My idea of fashion is the opposite of the famous being fashionable .

As per butler's analysis, gendered behaviorism is natural including the learned performances related to gendered behavior. In his book gender trouble by Judith Butler, she briefly discussed sex as a natural category whereas gender as something that is acquired in a particular socio-cultural category. Sex is the outcome and result of socially constructivism. In this book, she also highlighted the performative gender theory which will be discussed later. A brief picture that can be drawn out of this essay ...
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