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OHS Management System Report


1.0 Introduction3

Audit of the OHS management system3

1.1 Background3

1.2 Aim4

1.3 Scope5

2.0 Content7

2.1 Components of the Occupational Health and Safety Management System in place7

Negligible discrepancy8

2.2 Analysis of Occupational Health and Safety Management System12

3.0 Conclusion14

4.0 Recommendation15


OHS Management System Report

1.0 Introduction

Audit of the OHS management system

AUDIT OHS management system provides the status of an independent audit OHS in the organization and determination of compliance activities to ensure Safety, in this system laws and other normative legal acts containing state regulatory requirements.

World practice shows that the improper management system can have negative impact on people the negative factors of production, including at various Accidents and environmental violations depends not only on existing technologies, but also focuses on quality control system. Any system can be regarded as a functioning only in the event that ensured its continuous improvement, achieved through constant analysis and evaluation of its quality. It was to obtain information for analysis and correction OHS management system in the organization aims audit (WEE 2003).

1.1 Background

Initially it is important to assess the financial health of a business, if an organization wants to implement the OHS management system it will help in bringing up investment efficiency, Shareholders and other investors will be interested in obtaining objective information on the situation and the opportunity to maximize profits, to perform the tasks. In this regard, designing of standards that were supposed to be a tool for creating effective Control Systems can be found helpful.

It is important to Distinguish between production control and supervision by the Organization, the supervision of system and AV control systems aimed at evaluating the quality and efficiency of the OHS management system, not to search for specific violations. Violation shall not be considered only as a deviation from the requirements of various regulatory documents. Any violation is an occasion to find inconsistencies in the structure of OHS, or in the implementation of the set goals. It is necessary to involve the implementation of independent experts who are not personally responsible for the audited areas. A service can be incorporated into the organization or hired for a specific inspection (TARRANT 2002).

1.2 Aim

Customer (clients) may act by the organization, the consumer products and services of the organization are independent and external part of an organization, other than clients, products and services third party the shareholders, investors, and others usually required certification. It is performed by an authorized certification body. Certification is initiated by the organization itself or the shareholders (investors, etc.), or both sides simultaneously.

General requirements for OHS management system in the organization are:


Legal requirements

Goals and objectives in the field

Action plans (programs)

Responsible for compliance

Training and staff awareness

Communication and information between departments and officials


Operations management (design, manufacturing process, production equipment, maintenance, etc.)

Willingness to act in emergency situations

Monitoring occupational safety and health

Discrepancies and preventive actions

The recorded data

Management review

The extent to which the specific administrative, operational procedures and work areas, operations (production processes).

Based on the above criteria it is advisable to subdivide the standards. The object, for example, is not just a structure ...
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