Aviation Legislation: Impact Of Foreign Aviation Parts On American Aircraft

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Aviation Legislation: Impact of Foreign Aviation Parts on American Aircraft


Legislations are the rules that help aviation sector in all aspects either it aspect of providing quality service to the customers or the issue of ensuring effective performance and operation of Airlines. The International legislations are monitored by the ICAO while in United States the legislations are developed and monitored by FAA. The legislation discussed in this research paper is the legislation of using foreign parts for the maintenance and production of American airlines. It has both positive and negative effects on the airline. The positive impact of this legislation includes the opportunity provided through this step to the American Airlines to improve its performance and to assure quality service provided by them to their customers. While, the negative impacts includes the reduction in the market and increase in the competition for airline manufacturing companies in United States. It also creates a bad effect on the safety of customers and may provide an opportunity to the terrorist for terrorism.Aviation Legislation: Impact of Foreign Aviation Parts on American Aircraft


Aviation legislations are basically the laws that are made to run the aviation business effectively all over the world. Every country can edit their aviation sectors rules and regulations depending on their geographical needs and demands but every country in this world that supports aviation sector or having airports must have to follow some international rules designed by ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization). However there are many issues present in the aviation sector whose legislations are present but these legislations and rules are not effective to eliminate this issue or problem. These issues include the issue of terrorism, the issue of maintenance and issue of outsourcing the aircraft parts.

American Aviation legislations are designed and monitored by FAA (Federal Aviation Administration). This authority is responsible for any changing in the legislation or laws related to the aviation sector either it is developed for the safety of customers or related to any other issue or problem (Mitchell, 2007). This research paper deals with the issue of effect of using foreign aviation parts such as engines and other parts used for maintenance work on American airlines. It provides both negative and positive benefits to the American airline industry. If the parts import from any other part of the world is satisfying quality standards then it is better for airlines but if these parts are used and cannot meet quality standards then it may cause incidents and affect safety.


Why legislation is needed

Every country needs legislations and rules for the betterment of their aviation sector. These legislations not only related to the customer service and airport management issues but they also help pilots during their flights and they have to follow these legislations to eliminate the risk of any incident that may occur easily if the pilot ignores any one clause of the legislations. For using parts and to ensure the quality of parts used in the production and maintenance of airlines, legislations are ...
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