Aviation Security

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Aviation Security


This is an era in which the people are experiencing the fast-paced technologies. Thus, aviation industry is one of the examples of the fast-paced technology. The rate of the terrorism is increasing day by day. Therefore, all the industries are taking the measures for the protection of their industries. Just like the other industries, aviation industry is also taking measures to save itself from the terrorism. The importance of the aviation industry cannot be denied. It is considered to be among the most important industries in the world; therefore, it is necessary that the proper security should be provided to the aviation industry in order to protect itself from the dangers and the terrorism. This paper makes analysis on the aviation security, and the impacts which it has on the airports.

Aviation Security


The aviation industry is considered to be the most important industry. The aviation industry has reduced the number of distance from days to just hours. People from each and every corner of the world avail the facilities of the airplanes in order to get access to the travelling with minimum time and leisure. Airplanes are considered to be the most relaxing and time saving mode of transportation. The importance of the aviation industry can be described from the fact that there are almost 5,000 airports, 475 commercial airport supervisors, 55,000 pilots, 7,000 air traffic controllers and almost 200,000 private airplanes. Almost more than two million passengers travel every year in 31,000 flights, and 500,000 millions of tons of cargo are travelled every year. Thus, this quantity shows the importance of the aviation industry in the economy (Alamdari, 2005). The contribution of the aviation industry in the gross domestic product of United States is almost 6 to 7 percent. The aviation industry is suffering from terrorist attacks because of the harmful attacks on the airports since the last ten to fifteen years. This is the main sector in which the rate of the terrorist attacks is very high. The rate of the plane crashes has also grown with a very huge rate, and it results in the number of fatalities. The plane crashes and the attacks on the planes and the airports are gaining maximum attention of media (Rochester, 1976). Thus, this paper makes an analysis on the aviation security and the effects of aviation security on the airports.


There are different forms of the terrorist attacks in airports i.e. hijacking, bomb threats, bombing and sabotaging on airports. These terrorist attacks have affected many people, and these attacks were considered to be the results of the catastrophes. Apart from the terrorist attacks, the aviation industry has also faced many security problems i.e. the safety risks. The safety risks have contributed to the number of deaths as a result of the plane accidents. The number of the deaths in the plane accidents is very high as compared to the other modes of transportation (Redford, 1961). Therefore, it is very necessary that the proper security should be developed in the aviation industry ...
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