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Assignment on Business

Preparing business assignments is a common practice of many individuals. Students are usually asked to submit assignments on different business topics. They usually find this to be a challenging task. Now they don’t need to worry as Researchomatic is offering thousands of business assignments prepared by highly qualified professionals. These assignments cover almost all the topics related to business.

Business Process Modelling
Unit 3 - Discussions Unit 3 - Discussions Process Risks and Methodology Every business uses a type of business process. Given the level of impact it can have on overall position of an organization, it is seen as an important business decision. It helps organizations to distinguish the sorts of technology and ...
Ethics & Csr
ETHICS & CSR Ethics, CSR and Leadership Introduction1 Business Ethics1 Importance of Ethics2 Most Common Organisational Ethics Issues3 Unethical Businesses4 Apple's new leader and Foxconn Dilemma4 Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill5 It Can Pay To Be Ethical5 Standard Chartered Bank Penalized for Unethical Operation6 Corporate Social Responsibility6 Lessons From Past6 Theories Relating Banking Industry and CSR7 Legitimacy Theory of Environmental Information Disclosure7 Stake Holder Theory7 CSR in ...
International Business Strategy
INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS STRATEGY TeliaSonera's Business Strategy TeliaSonera's Business Strategy Question 1 - How would you characterize the competitive intensity and attractiveness of the telecom industry in Eurasia by using Porter's Five Forces? Porter's Five Forces Model can be used effectively in order to conduct a thorough analysis of competitive intensity and attractiveness of Eurasia's ...
Government Intervention
GOVERNMENT INTERVENTION Government Intervention in Global Business Government Intervention in Global Business Introduction The paper centres on the government intervention policies, which are commonly practiced by governments of European and Asian continent in the global business environment. The paper discusses various types of government interventions by providing examples from literature and journals. Finally, a ...
Case Study - Unilateral Work Rule Changes
Case Study - Unilateral Work Rule changes Case Study - Unilateral Work Rule changes Question 1 A zipper contract is a mutual agreement during contract of the employment in which both parties agree that they would not bring forward the concerns of bargaining. It is like a written promise to remain quite ...
The Outsourced Work
The Outsourced Work The Outsourced Work Question 1 BE is bound by the terms of the project labor agreement, which it did not directly sign because of the reason that is had signed terms with RMC to adhere to project labor agreement. As part of the ongoing crisis impact on the labor ...
BUSINESS Strategic Change and Innovation Strategic Change and Innovation Introduction A business organization goes through various levels of planning; these include strategic, tactical and operational planning. The level of importance placed in a particular planning decision decides which of these three categories of planning it would fall under (Jackson, 2011, p.54). Similarly, the level ...
Hospitality Service Excellence
HOSPITALITY SERVICE EXCELLENCE Hospitality Service Excellence Final Report Case Study: City@ Hotels Executive Summary A marketing strategy, carefully formulated and evaluated is a prerequisite for the success of the commercial, but no guarantee. The implementation of the strategy involves turn plans into specific actions in order to achieve the objectives. City@ Hotels is the hospitality ...
E-Business - Britelite B2b
E-BUSINESS - BRITELITE B2B e-Business - Britelite B2B e-Business - Britelite B2B Task 4 - Ecommerce Marketing Strategy The strategic choices and technology related to electronic commerce are very challenging for both small / medium business, and for big business as they affect not only on existing and proven processes, but also on ...
Business Proposal
Business Proposal Business Proposal The Dental Essence is a dentistry practice initiated by the three hygienists.  John, one of the hygienists, has initiated this business with the purpose of using the private practice years and gaining benefits from them through the model of his new business. John has a good forward-looking patient's ...
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