Comcast Corporation - Strategic Analysis

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Comcast Corporation - Strategic Analysis

Comcast Corporation - Strategic Analysis


The main purpose of this paper is to conduct a strategic analysis of Comcast Corporation. Comcast Corporation has always been famous for its effective strategies. The strategies of Comcast Corporation have always helped the company in gaining a high position and edge over the competitors. The company has not even established a high position in the national market but it also caters the needs of the international market.

The main aim of this project is to conduct an analysis of the different ways through which the Comcast Corporation has been helpful in achieving the success in national and international market. In order to find out these ways, a complete analysis of the SWOT, competition and environment of Comcast Corporation has been done.

Comcast Corporation has been working in an effective manner in both the domestic and international environment. The company has faced both the high and low situations. The effective strategies of Comcast Corporation have always enabled the company in gaining an edge over its competitors. The paper throws a highlight on the success of Comcast Corporation in both the domestic and international market. The broadband industry of United States and all over the world is in the initial position. Therefore, there is a great need to adopt the strategies that can help Comcast Corporation in maintaining a leading position in the broadcast industry around the globe.

Comcast Corporation

Comcast Corporation is the United States based company which is mainly involved in the business of phone services, cable television and internet. The company is also provides a wide range of facilities including the communication and entertainment products and services. The different services which Comcast Corporation offers are regional sports network, video services, Voice over internet protocol, internet services and the other channel services. The Comcast Corporation caters the needs of both the commercial and residential customers (Devreux, 2004). The five main segments of Comcast business are Broadcast Television, Cable Communications, Theme Parks, Cable Networks and Filmed Entertainment. There is a great range of Comcast's customers and it has served the 22.3 million video customers, 18.4 million high-speed internet customers and 9.5 million phone customers till 2011. Thus, in this way it can be said that Comcast Corporation is a very high profiled company. Comcast Corporation is determined to provide its basic services in United States. Therefore, the Headquarter of the company is located in Philadelphia. The company has developed the strategies of expanding its portfolio on both the domestic and international market with the development of innovative products and services that can gain the customer's attraction (Hunt 1997).

Along with the expansion strategy, Comcast Corporation has also launched the Comcast Business Voice Edge which is mainly the unified communication solution that provides the facility of high definition quality voice services. Thus, it can be said that the effective and innovative strategies adopted by Comcast Corporation can lead the company towards gaining huge success in the domestic and international industry (Jabriel ...
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