Comprehensive Introduction To A Russian Or Soviet Film: White Sun Of The Desert

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Comprehensive Introduction to a Russian or Soviet Film: White Sun of the Desert

Comprehensive Introduction to a Russian or Soviet Film

The aim of this final paper is to provide a comprehensive introduction to any Russian or Soviet film provided that it is mentioned in the list supporting the final project. I opt to work on 1970's 'White Sun of the Desert' by Vladimir Motyl as my final project. The reason behind selecting this film is that it once used to represent the popular culture of the Soviet Union, however when Russia succeeded Soviet Union, this film was transferred to the Russian culture as a component reflecting upon its popular culture effectively. Thus this is one of those few films that satisfy Russian as well as Soviet premises, at least one of which is required to be associated with the films that are to be worked upon by students for this project.

White Sun of the Desert


Vladimir Motyl is the Russian filmmaker who directed “White Sun of the Desert”. White Sun of the Desert is basically the translated version of “Beloye Solntse Pustyni”; the film's name in Russian language. It is basically an action adventure film which was written by Valentin Yezhov and Rustam Ibragimbekov. The movie revolves around the era of Russian Civil War, discussing the life of Sukhov as a Red Army soldier, who wants to go back to his homeland and to his wife, but due to unfavorable circumstances is forced against ding so. Sukhov's uniform primarily identifies him with that of military power of the Soviet Union. This is the major plot that characterizes this film which has been identified as an international success which somehow failed to inspire the audiences of the West.

Sophistication and Biasness

This is an action adventure film belonging to the Russian film industry from the late 60's and so it induces fresh breath into the international film industry in terms of offering a break from what we have observed in the Hollywood action movies, as this action adventure film is quite different from what characterizes this genre in the West. This Soviet film highlights action leveraging fresh perspective which possesses hues of reality attained primarily through reflecting on war time and this is what made it one of the most popular films in the region of Soviet Union when it was released. Not only this, but this film also went on to become the part of the popular culture and even after the collapse of Soviet Union, it enjoys strong position in the domain of arts and movies characterizing or representing Russia as also mentioned above. It continues to represent the arts and movies and cultural heritage of Russia even today when more than two decades have passed since the dissolution of the Soviet Union. This film has significantly much to offer on various levels and it is on the back of this that in the year 1955, the film received an accolade for the best Russian film. Russian directors with massive intellect are associated ...