Consultancy Project: Increase Business Volume And Enhance The Activities On A Global Basis

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Consultancy Project: Increase Business Volume and Enhance the Activities on a Global Basis



This section outlines the case of MTC in the context of other cases that best describe the supply change management improvement strategies. The major challenges for MTC currently are to adapt to a strategic supply chain management process and to train people. The main need of MTC is to use the systems and process that will encourage the effectiveness and efficient in its operations. Some of the examples like the collaboration of Dow, Haesaerts P&G, and supply chain improvement efforts by Adidas and Nike are good examples of how the companies made the most of the supply chain coordination opportunities, logistics management and the implementation of technologies in supply chain processes. By adopting the similar strategies, MTC can smoothly transit through the shift from logistics to strategic supply chain management.


Need for Supply Chain Management in MTC: What is happening?1

Areas of Consideration for MTC3

Top Management Commitment3

Organizational Factors4

Mutual Understanding4

Flow of Information4

Supply Chain Supply Chain Responsiveness5

Reflective Cases5

Case 1: Dow, Haesaerts P&G5

Case 2: Adidas10

Case 3: Wal-Mart12







Control Chart15


A Metered Supply Management and Measurement17

Globalization, Outsourcing and Geographical Distance17

Speed, Control and Cost Minimization18

The Acquisition of Technologically Driven Suppliers is Costly18

No Margin of Error18



Need for Supply Chain Management in MTC: What is happening?

Currently the case of MTC is that there have been various challenges that MTC is facing ranging from the competition and the lack of market support. The company wills to shift its strategy from logistic management to supply chain management. Now, it is important to know what will be the costs and benefits of such strategy and how it will allow the company to make contracts and agreements with other well established companies that require supply chain services. With the advancement sin supply chain management, there is no competition for a single enterprise but among the supply chains. It has become a significant strategy that modern enterprises emphasizes on supply chain management in order to enhance and maintain the competitive environment.

Particularly, establishing their supply chain is especially imperative for the groups with the diversified manufacturing enterprise. In the context of the MTCs supply chain, inventory management, procurement, suppliers, production planning and control, transport and logistics management, information system and distribution management has been given an important consideration in MTC supply chain management. Currently, the operation cost of supply chain are under pressure from rising freight prices and more global customers, rising labor rates, technology advancement, new regulatory framework and demands and expanding healthcare costs are rising the commodity prices. To have a control over these costs, there are many potential metrics that MTC can measure.

The main need of MTC is to use the systems and process that will encourage the effectiveness and efficient in its operations. The operations of the company depend on the logistics services so the company has to come up with the improvements in its entire logistics network. Beside this, MTC needs to set competitive price for gaining the attention of the ...