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Course Discussions Chapter 3, 4, 6 and 8

Course Discussions Chapter 3, 4, 6 and 8

Discussion Forum 3: Nighthawks

The composition of painting is powerfully supported by the visual simplicity of design, a geometry inspired by the many leading painters of that time. It shows customers sitting at the counter of an all-night diner. The shapes and diagonals are carefully constructed. The viewpoint is cinematic from the sidewalk, as if the viewer were approaching the restaurant. The diner's harsh electric light sets it apart from the dark night outside, enhancing the mood and subtle emotion. As in many Hopper paintings, the interaction is minimal. The restaurant depicted was inspired by one in Greenwich Village. Both Hopper and his wife posed for the figures shown. the dark and depressing background was to highlight the mood of America at this time as it was during the height of WW2 with Pearl Harbor just being bombed and many Americans were shocked and feeling vulnerable and lonely which is portrayed through this painting as being a realist painter Hopper portrayed what he saw with no bias to the work. Hence taking a different approach to art movements such as Expressionism and therefore representing the figure in a different way as well by using the background and surroundings to help depict there expression. Nighthawk” is representational art that utilized shadowing and temperature to expresses a dark isolated mood.

Print Media and Materials: Singing Their Songs”

Print medium: In painting, there are different mediums which are defining the characteristics of the paint. A medium is the combination of different pigments e.g. oil, pastel, watercolor, ink, wax, spray paint and enamel. A painter by applying his skills, apply medium and make material for the painting. In this painting artist has used wax and water colors.

Visual art: It is mainly ...
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