Cultural Misunderstandings

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Cultural Misunderstandings




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Cultural Misunderstandings


This paper has focused on the issue of cultural misunderstandings that occur with the interaction of two people belonging to different cultural backgrounds. Misunderstandings may occur in the same language or in different languages. Normally, the cultural factor is involved between people who do not speak the same language of maternal manner (Sich & Dorothea, 1981). This means that speakers of different languages ??who have lived in different countries may not have, obviously, the same cultural worldview. Therefore, intercultural misunderstandings arise when people involved in a speech situation not see the world the same way and do not understand the view of the other person.


In this paper, dialogue has been presented between a patient and a doctor, the patients is an immigrant and a non-native English speaking person who belonged to China, on the other hand doctor is native English speaking person. The patient is having sore throat and flu. Doctor is a general physician and analyzed everything in depth.


Doctor: Hello...How are you? (Asked in pleasant manner)

Patient: Yes I am fine (Thinking if I would have been fine than why I would have come? Replied in serious tone)

Doctor: For how long you are here in States? Are you a student? (Thinking to bring patient in comfort zone where he can easily share what problem does he actually have)

Patient: Since 1 and a half year and yes I am a university student (patients think why the doctor is asking such un-related questions, why he just cannot ask about my sickness?)

Doctor: oh ok...That is so good (Pleasant manner)

Patient: what is so good about it? (Feeling irritated)

Doctor: So….Mr. Charlie (Patient)… for how long you have been having flu and sore throat?

Patient: From last 2 days

Doctor: Do you take enough fluids? (Wants to ...
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