Disruptive With Web Design

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Disruptive With Web Design

Disruptive With Web Design

Disruptive Design

The design of sites on the Internet is not something to be easy for anyone. I also believe that I have the art of setting the foundations of multimedia details for the full range of arts publicity and media. The developers have also a vision and innovative ideas and courage to work for the latest technologies in web design. It is believe that hard work, and continuous work and management with a vision of sound and technical support can help at the highest level of technical expertise stunning gained over years of work and effort.

I believe in this era technology has become the most powerful tool for website development and the best way to disseminate information. It provides services for both individuals and companies which makes the website portal important. I believe that innovative capabilities in the development and design of web sites, which are integrated and effective, can be accessed. Today, developers also have remarkable ideas for website development and reflect.

I also believe that fabulous designs will attract people towards the website and I believe that displaying spatial, color combinations are necessary for it. It is worked by combining colors with each other. By the laws of chromatics, acting colors are warm, light and bright, retreating - cold, dark and intense. As, a developer, I also have ideas for spectacular design of site selection is a harmonious combination of colors (Passant, 2011).

Disruptive web design is for those who want to learn how to create presentation sites and user interfaces for web-applications. It is also helpful to have this knowledge to project managers to create Internet - portals of varying complexity. This will help to select the technology for a specific project, as well as better control over the development process.

Disruptive Innovation

In 1997 American economist Clayton Christensen in his book "The Innovator's Dilemma," proposed a model of "disruptive innovation." This term, he outlined the new technologies that will dramatically change the balance of values on the market and ultimately, destroy existing products or services (Nielsen )2000.

According to the model of Christensen, at the time the new technology on the market is still very imperfect and inferior to the majority of well-established parameters, so the demand for it is small. Everything changes when an innovation is a buyer willing to put up with the shortcomings for the sake of its intrinsic new properties. Having such ...
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