Dubai Aviation Model

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Analysis of Dubai Aviation Model

Analysis of Dubai Aviation Model


The overall growth of the economy largely depends on various sectors, and aviation is among them. Tourism, visitors and hospitality are among the main contributors in many large economies, like of UK, Egypt, UAE and others. However, it is the aviation services holistically, that make, the first impression of the country on the visitors. In this connection, this study will analyze the aviation model of Dubai to explore the factors that aid in the rapid development of this industry. The aviation sector of Dubai, since its beginning, has been proven very successful because of the planning and methods in which operations are executed. A recent study by Oxford Economics has also attributed the success of the industry to its competitiveness and consumer-based approach. With the passage of time, this industry is boosting along with its efficiency.

Success Factors of the Aviation Model

The success factors of the aviation industry depend largely on the strategic decision making by the leaders of the industry. The success factors of Dubai's aviation model derive from various strengths and opportunities which are, in fact, the outcome of strategic decisions taken regarding the aviation sector in the past by the government of Dubai (Hazbun, 2008). These opportunities and strengths include:

Understanding the significance of the aviation industry in the economic growth, by the government of Dubai.

A consumer-centric approach.

Employment of consensus-based approach regarding investment.

Focus on growth and underserved markets.

Efficient operations.

The strategic location of Dubai.

Government Awareness

The government has played a leading role in the economic development and growth of the aviation sector. The relationship between the aviation sector and the government is consensus- based partnership, which aid in the decision making and helps in taking crucial decisions to be taken quickly and effectively. The partnership success depends on the government's awareness of the significance of the aviation sector in the economy (Hazbun, 2008).

Consumer Centric Approach

This approach has made a significant contribution in the Dubai aviation model, because at Dubai airport, a passenger can relaxed as he has nothing to worry about things like frisking on the name of security, can feel secure and can even relax in the sleep box installed most of the Dubai airports (Oxford Economics, 2011).

A Consensus- Based Approach to Investment

Dubai's aviation industry has benefitted from the focus on growth which allowed capitalizing in the increasing demand from the travelers in Asia and Africa. In 2000, Dubai's international has the capacity to accommodate 22 million passengers. Through investments in the upgrading of the facilities, the airport increased capacity to handle 60 million passengers in 2010 (Oxford Economics, 2011). These shows the measures taken by the government for the betterment of the aviation industry, thus making it core strength.

Efficient Operations

The government directly own the Dubai airports and investment corporation of Dubai own the Emirates which are a government owned Investment Company. This is not an unusual situation in the aviation industry worldwide. Dubai's success comes from the efficiency if emirates operations, it does not require government financing and is ...
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