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Research Papers on Economics

Economics is used in all aspects of life. An understanding of economics will illustrate how to live and exist in our world today and understand how the business world functions. With Researchomatic, students can learn economic concepts and numerous terms that are used to describe how economics works in the real world. Research paper on Economics are a perfect learning for students, teachers and researchers as it highlights an issue, formulate strategy and recommend solutions.

Electronic And Mobile Commerce
Electronic and Mobile Commerce Abstract This paper aims to provide knowledge about e-commerce and its influence on the traditional businesses. It also highlights various opportunities provided by e-commerce to businesses. E-commerce technology is converted into mobile commerce; this paper explains how this technology convergence takes place. The planning process of e-commerce strategy ...
Globalization A Blessing Or Curse
Globalization a Blessing or Curse Introduction2 Discussion3 History of Globalization4 Importance of Globalization5 Origins of Globalization in USA5 The current trend of globalization in USA6 Globalization, Conflict and Reform8 Effect of globalization on Multinationals10 Pros and Cons of Globalization12 Developed Countries14 Technological Advancement15 Foreign Direct Investment16 Economic Efficiency17 Income Inequality17 Unemployment18 Developing Countries20 Tourism21 Foreign Direct Investment22 Increase in Living Standard23 Production and Technological Factor24 Organizational Factor25 Economic Factor25 Information factor25 Political Factor26 Social and ...
Class Project On Economic Status Of Car Industry
Class Project on Economic Status of Car Industry Abstract For the previous 10 years, the culture of auto industry has appeared as widespread around the whole world. As any other invention, the automobile has structured not merely the international economy, however, billions of individuals' lives. In Europe only, the auto industry reports ...
International Economics And Monetary Policy
International Economics and Monetary Policy International Economics and Monetary Policy Introduction Monetary policy refers to the procedures undertaken by the government or authority of controlling money to effectively control the money flow in the economy. It is to mention here that money does not only include cash, it also includes the ...
Downtown Brooklyn Real Estate
Downtown Brooklyn Real Estate Introduction4 Discussion4 Purchase of real estate in Downtown Brooklyn5 Contract of Sale in Downtown Brooklyn6 Extra Costs During The Process Of Purchasing Property In The Downtown Brooklyn8 Reasons for Investing in the real estate market of Downtown Brooklyn9 High return on capital9 Bargain Rental Market10 Strong Economy10 The Best Infrastructure11 Mortgage rates11 Tax Law of the United ...
ECONOMICS The Impact of Money Supply on the Economic Growth of Nigeria ABSTRACT This research paper examines the impact of monetary supply for the economic growth in Nigeria. It explains different models under economic and statistical criteria to assess the real GDP i.e. real gross domestic product. It is regress ...
Market Prices Of Recyclables
Market Prices of Recyclables Market Prices of Recyclables The cost of recycled materials in the market depends on the material, batch size, region, and of the conditions of the supplier, market conditions, seasonality and many other factors, resulting in prices for secondary raw materials are in constant motion (Ramalhete et al., 2010, ...
Latex Gloves
Latex Gloves Latex Gloves Section 1 Introduction Latex gloves are disposable gloves that are used when one has to carry out a medical examination. The main purpose of using these gloves is that when one has to protect themselves from the contamination and allergy. Most of the gloves that are used these days ...
Housing Market Vs. United States Economy – Regression Analysis
Housing Market vs. United States Economy - Regression Analysis Abstract The market value of the houses in any economy is linked with numerous economic variables. Similar is the case with the United States. In order to investigate the interrelationship between the various economic variables such as income, population, location and cost ...
Inside Traders
INSIDE TRADERS Inside Traders Introduction1 Inside Traders Making Abnormal Returns1 Impact of Inside Trading2 Investors2 Financial Markets and its Efficiency2 Empirical Evidence3 Conclusion6 References8 Appendix9 Inside Traders Introduction Inside trading is the buying and selling of a financial security by anyone who has access to information that is not publicly available. This could result in an advantage to the person who has ...
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