Hamlet Goes To The Shrink

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Hamlet goes to the shrink

Hamlet goes to the shrink

THERAPIST: What happened to you my Dear Hamlet?

HAMLET: Ahh, I am deeply hurt by the incident.

THERAPIST: what incident?

HAMLET: I unintentionally killed my own would be father in law, Polonius.

THERAPIST: How come?

HAMLET: Huhh. It is a long story

THERAPIST: So, I am here to listen

HAMLET: My conscience is lacerating me.

THERAPIST: we must know about the incident.

HAMLET: I am murderer, I have killed him. What he was doing in my Mother's bed chamber?

THERAPIST: Calm your nerves, and tell me about the incident. Stress can destroy the health of a person therefore he loses his sense. I am here to listen and guide you Hamlet.

HAMLET: I am disappointed from my mother's treachery to my dead father. She gets married with my uncle Claudius, who is a murderer of my biological father's death and I wanted to take revenge of my loving father.

THERAPIST: Your dead father loved you a lot?

HAMLET: Indeed! He was the only one who cared for me more than anything in the world. I could not leave Claudius for murdering my father.

THERAPIST: Is there any proof that Claudius killed your father?

HAMLET: My father's ghost came to me and he himself told me about Claudius.

THERAPIST: It could be your dream or misinterpretation.

HAMLET: No, my father cannot lie to me.

THERAPIST: But you do believe on your father's ghost not your father.

HAMLET: My father came into ghost's shape for informing about the snake in our sleeves.

THERAPIST: Claudius?


THERAPIST: How you killed Polonius? Did he also harm your feelings?

HAMLET: No, I told you it was unintentional. I wanted to kill Claudius but unfortunately, murdered Polonius.

THERAPIST: I want to know the entire event of the happening, so I could easily help you in your problem.

HAMLET: One night, I entered in my Mother's bed chamber for talking about her ...